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Once again, Mercury has turned retrograde and stays that way until September 21st, causing widespread panic and confusion among the easily panicked and confused. I have assembled some helpful information that will nurse you through these dark days. You’re welcome.

*** Frequently Asked Questions about Mercury Retrograde ***

How can I mitigate the potential harm caused by Mercury retrograde?

It’s pretty much impossible to avoid everything Mercury rules during a retrograde period: communicating, short trips, making agreements, breathing, and so on. But it’s often best to put these things off during Mercury retrograde when possible.

Here’s a handy example: suppose you write a regular astrology blog and you know everyone is interested in Mercury retrograde, but you’ve already written about the subject several times. Instead of writing a whole bunch of fresh material about Mercury Retrograde and then going for a walk, as you might normally do? Slap together a blog entry composed largely of links to your previous articles on the subject, then take a nap.

That’s fine for you, but I don’t write about astrology for a living. what can I do in my specific case?

If you’re facing an issue at work related to Mercury Retrograde, sometimes all it takes a a little distraction from — oh look, a picture of a cat!

beliefnet astrology matthew currie mars conjunct Mercury

Whatever, just get on with it.

Wait a minute, what is Mercury retrograde anyway?

Simply put? It’s when the planet Mercury, from our perspective here on Earth, appears to be going backwards in its orbit. Here, read this and you’ll automatically know more astronomy than the average American public school graduate.

I’m still not sure I get it. Can you convey the meaning of Mercury Retrograde using an amusing true-life animal story?

Sure. Here you go.

I am a very smart person. Surely I’m immune to the effects of Mercury Retrograde!

No, smart people are not immune to the effects of Mercury Retrograde. Also, technically, that wasn’t a question.

Do governments ever make amusingly stupid decisions during Mercury Retrograde?

Yes. Yes they do.

But once Mercury Retrograde is over, everything goes back to normal, right?

Well… mostly. Not right away though. The Shadow Period (in this case) will be in effect until October 6th.

Dude, you’re killing me here. Any good news?

Yes. Read this about Jupiter entering Libra, which happens soon!

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