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(This is one of a series in which I try to show you how an astrologer can give you practical understanding that gets practical results. We all need a bit of that sometimes, don’t we?)

Part One, which was a more general discussion of Medical Astrology, is HERE. Here in Part Two, we get more heavily into the details.

GA writes:

“I have been in poor health since late 2013. I have neurological and muscular difficulties as well as a minor brain injury. I am currently disabled because of these conditions and am wondering if I am going to see any turn around in the future or if there is a good time to focus for changes.”

As is often the case with readings I do, I like to start with the worst news first and then work my way up. In your case, in some ways you already know what the worst news is: this is a very big deal and it’s not going away anytime soon. However I believe in the long run there is very good news, so bear with me. There’s a lot of technical stuff to be covered in the blog entry, and for those of you who just want to cut to the chase, go ahead and skip to the end segment.

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(FULL DISCLOSURE: because of both the importance and complexity of this question, I actually contacted GA with one specific question about the nature of the medical problem (while asking that I NOT be provided with specifics) she is facing. Astrologically I couldn’t figure out if it was a problem with nerve signal transmission or the myelination of the nerve cells. As it turns out the doctors don’t quite know the answer to that one yet either, so I feel justified in my conclusions.)

First of all it’s probably no surprise that your issues arose in 2013 when Pluto was conjunct your ascendant. In the previous blog entry I mentioned the role that the Sixth House plays in physical health, but the ascendant is the point in your chart that most closely determines your physical form and what you ook like, and major issues with physical health can arise when there is a difficult transit to the ascendant. There may have also been changes to your physical appearance during that time as a result.)

And speaking of looks: Capricorn rising with all those planets in Capricorn? Nice cheekbones your chart has there!

Unfortunately Pluto is a very slow planet, and it is going to be passing over a lot of planets in your birth chart between now and when it reaches early Aquarius, which means that health issues could be a major factor in your life until the mid-2020s. Also, Uranus will be squaring your Capricorn stuff for years yet. Don’t worry though: there is hope, and I’m getting to it.

We shouldn’t be surprised when we discovered that astrology is complex, because we already know that medicine is complex. There are clues in your birth chart that there could be a tendency towards neurological issues. That sort of thing is ruled by Mercury, and your Mercury is much more strongly aspected than you might think at first glance. On the other hand all this Mercury stuff will tend to make a person fairly intelligent, so you’ve got that going for you.

First of all, your Mercury is what we call “combust”: that is, fairly closely conjunct the Sun. In theory this can make a lot of trouble for any planet that gets too close to the Sun call me but Mercury never strays too far from the Sun and thus it is the most likely planet to be combust in a person’s birth chart. This in and of itself does not indicate trouble.

If we want to have a further look at how Mercury’s affected in your birth chart we need to look at a technique that I don’t mention very often called midpoints. Let’s say your Sun was at 10 degrees Aries and your Jupiter was at 10 degrees Gemini. The exact halfway point between those two spots in the Zodiac is the midpoint, and if you had Venus at about 10 degrees Taurus we would say that your Venus is aspecting the Sun-Moon midpoint. This would tend to lend both solar and lunar qualities to your Venus, and comes with other factors as well.

Your Mercury is conjunct your Mars-Neptune midpoint. On the one hand, that gives you creative ability. On the other hand, it can lead to neuromuscular (Mercury = neuro, Mars = muscles) problems and/or hard to diagnose medical issues (Neptune = things getting vague or nebulous). Furthermore, Neptune and Pluto are both making hard aspects to your Mars-Neptune midpoint. Saturn is also closely square your Moon-Mercury midpoint… Saturn brings decrease, and the Moon rules “coverings” in the body… like the myelin sheath on your neurons that acts the way the insulating plastic does on a wire, preventing unnecessary scrambling of signals.

All of this would have been activated by the Uranus square and Pluto conjunction to your Ascendant in 2013 or so. Thus, a potential problem that laid dormant was triggered. The good news is that Pluto has in in all likelihood already done its worst to you that way


So, the short version of all this? I believe this is going to remain a challenge for you for some time. In fact, because the two main culprits here are Uranus and Pluto, you may not get a real turnaround on this until the mid 2020s. However I don’t know that there is all that much sign of it getting worse in the meantime, and I think it will get better even if you may have to wait a few years for that yet. In the meantime you are still smart and still have those cheekbones.

And the punchline? If transiting Uranus and Pluto did all this to you (conjunctions and squares bringing unexpected bad news), then consider what will happen in the first half of the 2020s when transiting Uranus is trine all your Capricorn stuff, and Pluto is done messing with you. Unexpected news can be good, too.

On a final note, GA, I would like to bring up something that you didn’t ask about but I feel may be vitally important to your understanding the nature who you are. You may have noticed that there’s a lot of Capricorn in your birth chart, all front and center where everyone can see it. That’s ruled by Saturn, which is conjunct your Midheaven. In fact, if we counts Saturn as the traditional ruler of Aquarius, Saturn is pretty much driving the whole bus as far as your birth chart goes. This doesn’t necessarily mean that everything in your life is going to be hard, difficult work as Saturn usually implies… if anything, you’ll be better at handling a lot of the Saturn crap than most people.

(Yes, I know that the old saying about how “God doesn’t give anyone anything that thy can’t handle” is both annoying and completely unhelpful, but there’s still some truth to it, I figure. But I’m not going to say it.)

When I look at your Saturn, I see it closely conjunct the Midheaven (which has a lot to do with “life purpose”). Thus, as the ruler of “you” (your First House) it’s easier in your case to spot what your “life purpose” may be. I don’t claim to be a guru so I rarely expound on that subject, but in your case, I can tell you this much: you are, much more than the average person, here on this planet to be yourself. Ever heard the expression “shake your moneymaker?” In your case, you ARE your moneymaker. Being boring and getting an assembly line job would be a tragic waste in your case. Be yourself, do your thing, and it will — both literally and figuratively — pay off better than anything else you could do …or be.

Plus, of course, you’ve got the cheekbones for it.

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