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(This is one of a series in which I try to show you how an astrologer can give you practical understanding that gets practical results. We all need a bit of that sometimes, don’t we?)

GA writes:

“I have been in poor health since late 2013. I have neurological and muscular difficulties as well as a minor brain injury. I am currently disabled because of these conditions and am wondering if I am going to see any turn around in the future or if there is a good time to focus for changes.”

First off, I need to establish something that should be obvious: I am not a physician. Then again neither are your Facebook friends who keep posting ridiculous articles like “rubbing cinnamon on your forehead can prevent migraines” or “baleen whales almost never get cancer, so switch to an all plankton diet” or whatever, so clearly some advice from non-physicians can be more sensible than others.

Having said that: astrology and medicine have a long and rich tradition together, and there are some astrologers out there specializing in medical astrology who can dig up some really remarkable results. I’m not one of those, but I’ve been around enough to pick up on a lot of the basics, and you’d be surprised how effective astrology can be at pinning down at least some of the answers that the people in lab coats either miss or take a long time to find.

The very ancient relationship between medicine and astrology is one of those things that skeptics like to use to deride astrology. Yes, 500 years ago, physicians did use astrology a lot more than they do now — and they also used leeches to treat a lot more problems than we do now. But just because something is ancient doesn’t automatically make it untrue, and undoubtedly many of our most strongly-held beliefs about the nature of the physical universe will give scientists a hearty laugh 500 years from now.


Every planet in your birth chart contributes to your health somehow, and we need to pay special attention to the condition of whatever planet rules the Sixth House of your birth chart, which is also a general indicator of health. In addition, we have to determine the condition of the specific planets ruling the individual organs involved in any given illness.

(Fun astrological fact: the uterus is the only organ that can change rulership. Normally the uterus is ruled by Scorpio, but when you’re pregnant that rulership switches to The Moon, because The Moon rules “coverings” in the body.)

Keep in mind that complex systems can develop complex problems, and the human body is very complex. This is something that both doctors and astrologers need to keep in mind when reading over test results or a birth chart.


You may have noticed that this entire blog entry has been more or less preamble without yet getting into the astrological nitty-gritty of your individual case. There are two good reasons for that. For one thing, I wanted to make it abundantly clear that although medical astrology is a real thing that really works, it’s still no substitute for the work of actual physicians.

Finally: your case is a particularly complex one and it’s going to require lots and lots of technical details and astrological heavy lifting and I can’t do it justice without all those fiddly little details taking up their own blog entry. So drop by next time if you were one of those kids in school who was always asking for extra homework…

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