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The Moon in Pisces this Friday and Saturday will make for a happy, sensitive, and caring vibe throughout the weekend, with a couple of temporary glitches. Friday evening the Moon is square Saturn, which could make for a little moping and some hurt feelings. Later that evening/early Saturday morning the Moon’s conjunction with Neptune might make your judgement a little cloudy, but can help smooth any ruffled feathers from the earlier transit to Saturn. Overall, though, Moon in Pisces is great for creative thinking. On Saturday, the Moon is in opposition to Jupiter in Virgo. This could make for some excess, but is fun for partying. Finally, on Sunday, Moon in Aries makes positive aspects to the Sun and Mars that will boost your energy levels.

Have fun with your weekend!


Friday is my last day in Cancer and you couldn’t even be bothered mentioning it. You are a terrible and insensitive person.

Matthew Currie:
Sorry about that. Feel free to write back Saturday when you are in Leo to remind us all that Life on Earth would be impossible without you.

You have given entirely too much credit to Moon in Pisces for its creative powers. Moon in Pisces is a stoner who needs some practical, logical guidance to get anything done.

This is going to be a fantastic weekend! I just got a makeover and some sexy new shoes and I am ready to take it to town!

Matthew Currie:
I recognize your IP address, VenusInLeo. Why did you change your username?

MarsInScorpio was stalking me.

That’s a filthy lie, Venus, you tramp! Stop posting your crap all over the Internet and I’ll stop following you from site to site correcting your terrible lies.

Settle down everyone! Why can’t we all just get along? Have you folks considered that you’re eating too much red meat and that karma is blocking your colons? I have a fantastic quinoa pilaf recipe that could help you with that.

You suck, JupiterInVirgo, and so does your cooking.

Matthew Currie:
Everyone calm down! You’re letting the anonymity of the Internet and your inflated sense of self-importance make you all behave terribly! Can we change the subject here?

My mother in law got laid off from her job last April and now she makes $28,000 a week working from home in her spare time! Write me for details!

Whoa, dude, that’s awesome! Does it involve marketing cannabis oil? Because if it does I’m totally signing up.

You want a proper weekend forecast? Here it is: this weekend, many people all over the world will die. Eventually, you’ll all be dead.

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