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dumb yahoo answers 2It probably has something to do with the years of study and practice it takes to become a decent astrologer, just to find out there are so many people handing out bad (but free) astrological advice on the Internet. Nah, who am I kidding? Understanding astrology may help you understand people a lot more, but that knowledge doesn’t necessarily make people more bearable.

dumb yahoo answers 4Whichever one buys the most drinks. Hey, that isn’t astrology, that’s biology.

dumb yahoo answers 6Wait… are you really sure they’re two different Geminis?

dumb yahoo answers 5Tauruses can be stubborn, but are easily persuaded with rich foods. Try a box of doughnuts. Barring that, you could need a new solenoid.

dumb yahoo answers 3Virgo men can often be indecisive. Fortunately, as a Virgo, he’s probably already got something in his medicine cabinet that will help. Crush it up, mix it with alcohol, and when he nods off… throw him in the trunk of your car. Drive him home and keep him in the basement until Stockholm Syndrome kicks in.

dumb yahoo answers 1Sure… and for you I’ll only charge you my discount hourly rate! I’ll answer ALL your questions about those things. Just let me get my calculator while you run out and get a mortgage… unless you’d rather just have a reading. That’s more useful AND affordable.

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