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(SPOILER ALERT: One day, you will die. Me too.)

Actor Anton Yelchin, best known as Chekov in the Star Trek movies from 2009 onward, died some time late Saturday evening/early Sunday morning at his home in Los Angeles California. He was 27 years old.

It always gets our attention when someone who’s young and healthy dies suddenly, and although I don’t think famous people die any more readily than any others, it always stands out. But both in terms of the observable details and the astrology — the death of Anton Yelchin is a strange one.

Anton was found by friends dead in the driveway of his home, on his steeply-inclined driveway. His body was wedged between his car and a brick mailbox pillar which was attached to the home’s security gate. When he was found, the car was still running and was in neutral. If there were such a thing as “the textbook definition of a freak accident,” this would be it.

The astrology, as one might expect with an incident like this, is unusual. Not long ago I asked rhetorically if an astrologer could have saved Prince, and the answer was “more than likely, yes.” In this case though? The astrology is as weird as you might expect.

Anton Yelchin was born March 11 1989, time unknown, St. Petersburg Russia. It’s always risky to try to extract too much information from a birth chart without a time of birth (which determines the House placements and rulerships), and I’ve often seen things in a case like this that didn’t make immediate sense… but I’ve never seen transits that made no sense at all (except on a couple of occasions when it turned out I had the wrong data in the first place). In this case? The transits do make sense… but they aren’t at all what one would normally expect.

Yes, Anton had a Saturn-Neptune conjunction in Capricorn in his birth chart, and yes transiting Pluto was conjunct that. But, like all outer planet transits, a Pluto conjunction is slow, taking years to complete… and even if it’s a factor in a death, it’s not like that transit made someone died every day over the course of the three or four years a Pluto transit can take. It’s worth keeping in mind, but it’s not going to be the only contributing factor to a major life event.

What may strike many of you as unusual is that in this case, the primary target being hit in Anton’s birth chart was his natal Venus at 14 degrees Pisces.

“What?” you might think. “Transits to your Venus might mess with your love life or your finances or your kidneys or blood sugar… but kill you?” Nonetheless, that appears to be exactly what happened here. At the time of his death, Anton Yelchin’s Venus was under a surprising amount of stress from transiting planets. Transiting Saturn was square it, transiting Jupiter and the North Node were within a degree of the exact opposition to it, Neptune was conjunct it, and even the transiting Moon was square it. And, for bonus points… the March Solar Eclipse in Pisces (which still has an effect now) was conjunct that Venus of his.

So, yeah… what, as an astrologer, can I say about this? It’s obvious in hindsight that something major was likely to happen, but who could have foreseen this? Even with a time of birth on hand, this is simply one of those things that by its nature would be hard to predict. What kind of excuse can I present for the less-than-obvious astrological cause of Anton Yelchin’s death? I’m afraid the best I can do is pass the buck and quote physicist Richard Feynman: “I think nature’s imagination is so much greater than man’s. She’s never going to let us relax”

In the meantime… SPOILER ALERT: One day, you will die. Me too. Hopefully not too soon though.

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