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The Sign: Taurus, the Bull

The Hero: Hercule Poirot, various works by Agatha Christie

Known For: Solving potentially messy mysteries while (paradoxically) being impeccably dressed, well fed, and managing to avoid any violence personally (or even exerting himself more than absolutely necessary).  Has a gift for finding clues by sitting back and letting people talk rather than mucking about with a magnifying glass.

Favorite things: Three courses: a crime (preferably murder most foul), followed up by a fine meal (despite a sensitive digestive tract), being more punctual than everyone else (and then complaining about it), then while someone else cleans up (he hates a mess) announcing who the murderer was. Dessert after the confession, provided the main course didn’t upset his stomach.

Quote: “Always a man who had taken his stomach seriously, he was reaping his reward in old age. Eating was not only a physical pleasure, it was also an intellectual research.”

Compatible with: Virgo and Capricorn.

Fatal Flaw? Maintains an expensive lifestyle (including a secretary and valet) without any obvious evidence he ever has to work for money. Free to pursue whatever makes him happy without the responsibilities of family or friends. So… no.

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