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The Sign: Sagittarius, the Archer

The Villain: Negan, The Walking Dead

Known For: Cheerful, outgoing demeanor. Quick-witted and charming.  Comfortable and casual taste in clothes. Enjoys sports and games… most notable caving people’s heads in with Lucille, his baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. Has a well-thought-out worldview that he has manifested for himself and then generously manifests it for everyone around him too.

Favorite Things: Traveling around, discovering the many fascinating new groups and cultures that have sprung up in the wake of the Zombie Apocalypse, getting to know new people, and then terrorizing them all into absolute obedience and servitude.

Quote: “You can breathe, you can blink, you can cry. Hell, you’re all gonna be doing that.”

Compatible With: Aries and Leo

Redeemable?: Sure, why not? Negan’s ready to give up his well-planned and personally profitable approach to life because you think your idea of how things should be is soooooo much better. Yeah. Negan’s gonna get right to work on that.

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