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beliefnet astrology gawker hulk hogan sex tapeLast time, I discussed the astrology of the major players in the recent Gawker media sex tape lawsuit, Hulk Hogan and Nick Denton. In both cases, there are questions about the birthday to available that would have made predicting the outcome of this lawsuit more difficult. This time I’m going to have a look at the birth chart for the blog entry that started it all, and the transits to it when the judgment was made.

First, let’s have a look at the “birth chart” for the article itself: April 10 2012, 2:15 PM, New York NY. Jupiter was conjunct the Midheaven, and their ruler Venus is conjunct the South Node, so certainly it seems destined to have gained attention and (at least at first) to have been a success. For bonus points: that Venus gets a sextile from Uranus, which is bound to be a good sign for anything involving “making money through electronic publishing.”

Even if Gawker had been an astrology web site, and the author of the piece and its editor had both been astrologers, they could all be forgiven for overlooking the potential flaws. Sun (the Ascendant ruler) and Uranus (ruler of the Seventh House — how others perceive the matter) in the Ninth House (legal matters), ruled by Mars in the Second House (money)? Nah, that couldn’t possibly mean a lawsuit. Moon square a Solar Eclipse happening four years from now? Fuhgeddaboudit. No one should make themselves that crazy sweating over little astrological details like that, otherwise nothing would ever get done, anywhere.

When Hulk Hogan won his judgement last Friday against Gawker Media, it was nearly a perfect storm of bad transits to the publication chart. Saturn was within a fraction of a degree of the exact conjunction to the article’s natal Moon, and the Moon is (arguably) the most important placement in the chart of any business activity. having transiting Jupiter square that Moon almost exactly didn’t help. Transiting Mars was closely square its position in the natal chart, which takes on particular importance when you consider that Mars in the natal chart is in the Second House (money) and is the ruler of the Ninth House (legal matters).

Neptune is the ruler of the article’s Eighth House and is in that chart’s Eighth House, making for a particular emphasis on both sex and “other people’s money” (that is, shelling out for lawyers and legal decisions). That transiting Mars was both square that Neptune and opposite the natal Venus, which is the general ruler of “money.”

Oh, and that Solar Eclipse we just had? It fell in the article’s Eighth House, square its Moon, and opposite its Jupiter. Astrology finds for the plaintiff, Your Honor!

Because I haven’t been able to solidly pin down the time the verdict was issued, I’ve made my comments on the local Ascendant and Midheaven separately here… but if I’m right (and I know I’m at least close) even those placements contributed to the outcome: the Ascendant/Midheaven (appearances, and “what this will be remembered for”) were square/conjunct the article’s Jupiter.


This all raises an interesting philosophical question: How can I possibly take any action, knowing that eventually it could result in a negative outcome? To answer that you actually don’t need any astrology at all. Do your best. Think things through. And perhaps most importantly of all in our Modern Age? Don’t do anything that will annoy celebrities who are likely to sue you to death over your actions.

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