Oh My Stars

(Sung to the tune of “Don’t Fence Me In”)

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Give me a hand, another hand, with this playpen chicken wire
Let’s fence him in!
This kid keeps running off, and he just won’t ever tire
Let’s fence him in!
He got out last night just to go exploring
It’s kinda frustrating but it’s never boring
Just wearing socks and outside was pouring
Let’s fence him in!
Let’s fence him in!

Just lock him up, let the thinker try to tinker
With the handcuffs til he’s done
You know he’ll bust loose like a moose
Running from the hunter’s gun!

The kid loves us both but he needs his freedom
Can’t follow rules though he knows he needs ’em
Last week he got himself onto a flight to Sweden
Let’s fence him in!

Oh give him guidance, lotsa guidance but be beware
Let’s fence him in!
This kid can’t sit still, not even on a dare
Let’s fence him in!
His charm with strangers is his best feature
The kid won’t care if it’s a thug or a preacher
He’s a lousy student but a gifted teacher
Let’s fence him in!

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