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One of the things astrology is most useful for is finding the inception chart for something: a new venture, starting a business, when to quit smoking, when to get married… every action has a birth chart of its own, and finding the optimum “birth chart” for it.

You’ll notice I said “optimum” and not “perfect.” Nothing in astrology (or anywhere else for that matter) is “perfect.” For example, given that we’ve been more or less under the effects of the Uranus-Pluto square for the last four years now, who wants to put off their new business or wedding ceremony for THAT long?

I took a genetics class once, covering a lot of the many, many things that can go wrong when people reproduce. The instructor was thoughtful enough to provide statistics with each disorder… Cri du Chat Syndrome, 1 in 50,000 births. Klinefelter’s Syndrome, 1 in 500 births. Turner’s Syndrome, 1 in 2,500 births. And so on. The funny thing is: if you added up all the numbers, you’d only get a grand total of two or three percent of all births where there was a genetic problem involved.

Nonetheless, no one walked out of that class convinced they could ever have a “normal” child. And yet, somehow… a large majority of babies turn out just fine.

Astrology, and keeping an eye on one’s transits and progressions, can be a little like that. It’s hard to find a perfect time to do anything, and quite often the things we do, plan on doing, or that simply happen to us just plain happen when they happen, and are quite outside of reasonable human control. Just because next Tuesday would be the perfect day to get married doesn’t mean you will get married next Tuesday. Or that anyone will be able to show up on a week day. Or, for that matter, that you’ll be able to find anyone who wants to marry you next Tuesday. Or that if you do, it’s someone you’ll still want to be married to next week, or next year, or next decade…

Besides, as I discovered: you need to factor in why you’re getting married and who you’re getting married to. Remind me of that next time, will you…?

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