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matthew currie astrology capricornI am still taking a little time off to recover from a combination cold/flu/Ebola and a boatload of genuinely terrible transits. I am now getting back to setting up readings again and am slowly working my way through a mountain of unanswered e-mails. In the meantime… as proof of life on my part, and as a tribute to the profound effects that Pluto in Capricorn is having on many of us (certainly myself), here’s a Capricorn joke.

…And for you Capricorns out there, you should appreciate this: since it’s an old joke I re-wrote for you, I got a discount on it!


An old Capricorn and his wife are at the County Fair. There’s a barn-storming pilot there with an old-school biplane, offering rides for twenty dollars. The Capricorn stands there and spends a long time looking at the plane and is clearly interested. The pilot notices this and approaches him about it.

“I’d love to,” says the Capricorn, “but $20 seems pretty expensive.”

“Tell you what,” the pilot says. “If you and your wife can keep quiet for the entire flight, it’s free. But if I hear one single noise out of you, it’s double the cost.”

“Deal!” says the Capricorn.

The pilot gets into the plane, and Capricorn and his wife get into the back seat.

The pilot takes off. He does insane barrel rolls and dives and loops and flies through an open barn and generally flies like a maniac, upside down and all over the place, all the while listening for a sound from the back of the plane. But he hears nothing.

Finally the pilot lands and gets out of the plane. The Capricorn approaches him and the pilot says, “Well, I’ve got to hand it to you: I didn’t hear a thing. Congratulations… that ride was free.”

“Thanks,” says the Capricorn. “Of course, I almost said something when my wife fell out…”


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