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Although modern astrologers are told to not look at aspects as being “good” or “bad,” there’s no question that some aspects are a lot more comfortable to live with than others. If you’ve ever read a basic online description of your birth chart, you’ve likely come across something that sounds… well, mostly horrible. Like, Moon square Pluto: “you are an insecure bully who doesn’t get along with women and has digestive problems.” Okay, no proper interpretation says that exactly, but that’s the distilled essence of an unduly harsh interpretation. Technically, it may be true, but in practice it isn’t usually that bad… and when you read anything about any “bad” aspect in your chart, it’s hard to dismiss the potential sting.

This, of course, overlooks two important points: one, your personality is more than just one placement or aspect… and secondly, trines and sextiles are “good aspects” but are no guarantee that you’re a wonderful, perfectly fulfilled human either.

So, to those of you who have found something you didn’t like the sound of in your birth chart… here are some words of advice to a client of mine, an amateur mountain climber, frustrated by the large number of squares and oppositions in her birth chart:

“You know, a lot of people get killed every year climbing Mount Everest. And those who don’t? They come down the mountain with a story and that’s all. Maybe some photographs. But as far as actual, observable stuff from the trip? Nothing really. You might see a change in their attitude but really: they could have probably gotten that from the right therapy session or the right words from the right astrologer. Why not?

It would probably be for the best if we just forgot about Everest. Sure, it would take a fair amount of work to rewrite the maps and to re-edit some films and make some documentaries disappear and re-bury Sir Edmund Hillary somewhere where no one will find him. But it would save lives and it would certainly save a lot of people a lot of trouble and expense.

Perhaps we can surround Mount Everest with miles and miles of barbed wire, and big signs that say NOTHING TO LOOK AT HERE PEOPLE, MOVE ALONG. Lots of people avoid disaster every day simply by paying attention to warning signs.

Of course the mountain would still be there. Even if we relocated everyone who lived nearby, eventually someone would find it. And they would notice how damned tall it was. And it probably wouldn’t take too long until some fool broke out the ropes and the climbing equipment.

You can ignore Mount Everest all you want, but that doesn’t make it go away. By its very nature, eventually it will call attention to itself. Besides… your so-called ‘bad’ aspects aren’t necessarily Mount Everest. They can also be what gives you the strength to climb it.”

Contact me about a reading today, and maybe together we’ll figure how to get up your mountains.

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