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beliefnet astrology matthew currie 2016 oscars(Part One, in which I discuss the Pluto Opposition of The Academy Awards, is HERE.)

By now you’ve probably heard about the big Oscar boycott this year. I’m not here to venture an opinion on that – although I believe those protesting have a point. On Twitter and elsewhere, #oscarssowhite is just going to get more popular as we approach February 28th, which is when the award ceremony happens.

Anyone who has been a big fan of the Oscars as I have for as long as I’ve been has their complaints. Some people like to nitpick the outfits on the red carpet before hand. Others like to complain about the length of the ceremony. Me? I can’t believe we live in a universe where Martin Scorsese got passed over for Best Director for Mean Streets, Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, Goodfellas, Casino, Bringing Out The Dead… and then wins for The Departed?

That ain’t right.

I probably won’t be making any public pronouncements about who wins which award, because frankly my bias is too strong. But a look at the birth chart for the 2016 Academy Awards ceremony itself is pretty revealing as to how the show might go. This sort of thing is what’s called mundane astrology, and as I have shown here before, it can be pretty revealing. And believe me: the birth chart for this year’s Oscars ceremony is jam-packed with excitement, and not the usual award show excitement either.

It’s interesting to note that politics and philosophy and entertainment and glamour can all be ruled by the same two planets: Jupiter and Neptune. Both planets are particularly charged up for Oscar evening, and maybe that doesn’t come as a surprise. But the aspect those planets are receiving look like they’re indicating a less than perfectly smooth and polite evening.

Jupiter is conjunct the North Node in the local First House at the beginning of the ceremony, and is sextile Mars in Scorpio… so it seems that everyone will be in a loud and outspoken mood, and probably won’t care about the consequences. Even more telling: there is a very close Sun-Neptune conjunction in the 7th House, close to the Descendant. The Seventh in an event chart like this can represent “how we relate to others,” which in this case would be the audience. It’s also worth noting that the Sun-Neptune conjunction will be in the local Sixth House for the first couple of hours or so for the ceremonies, which could lead to an increased risk of technical glitches. And for bonus points: the Midheaven of the Oscar Ceremony is ruled by Mercury, and the Moon is approaching the exact square to that Mercury at the beginning of the ceremony.

So, yes: as Academy Award shows go, this year’s ceremony appears to be loaded with plenty of possibilities for awkwardness and controversy.

One always has to be cautious about making predictions regarding a person or subject one has a personal emotional investment in. Predictive work is hard enough even if one is objective about the subject. This is one of the reasons you won’t be seeing any comments about politics here. I realize that if I love Candidate X and despise Candidate Y, it’s going to affect the accuracy of my interpretation. I have my opinions, and like everyone else I like to think I’m right. In fact, when it comes to predictions, it’s my job to be right… but I admit I’m human.

Now, having said that: if George Miller doesn’t win Best Director this year, something is terribly, terribly wrong with The Universe, and I don’t care what the astrology says.

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