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Astrology is all about the patterns. Large patterns and small ones, news events and personal tales. Somehow it all works together and it all resonates. Did you finish your milk and cookies and brush your teeth? Good. Let me tuck you in and tell you a story.


(we interrupt your regular programming.)

This is the story of The Week After Things Started Falling Apart. Specifically, next week… November 16th to 22nd, 2015.

(it was an organized attack and over 120 are dead.)

Once upon a time (the third week of November) in a little town called Beliefnet, there was a person named Horoscope Reader. Horoscope Reader had a reasonably good life by world standards, and yet she (or he — the records are incomplete on this matter) had A Very Big Problem. It was so big that she could only guess at the size of it. It was so big that she wasn’t even sure exactly what it was, or how to describe it exactly, or where it began, as Very Big Problems often are.

(could have entered posing as refugees. close the borders.)

There were plenty of distractions to keep Horoscope Reader from properly addressing The Very Big Problem that week. Neptune went direct that Wednesday, and all the astrologers in town (the town was full of astrologers, especially since the steel mill closed down and opportunities for gainful employment were limited) were excited about how people’s dreams could start coming true and their visualizations and affirmations were more likely to come true, and so on. Mercury entered Sagittarius that Friday, and everyone was generally more talkative and cheerful with their thoughts and words. Saturday evening had a strongly aspected Moon in Aries, so there were plenty of exciting romantic opportunities. Thus, there were plenty of ways for Horoscope Reader to ignore the obvious Very Big Problem in her life.

(boots on the ground.)

What Horoscope Reader didn’t realize is that there was something in her life that simply didn’t work. Sure, she was smart enough to know something was wrong, that something didn’t fit, that something had lost its usefulness and was just a burden now… but like many of us, she didn’t realize that A Very Big Problem can be so big that sometime you need to take A Very Big Step Back in order to really see what it is. Otherwise, that Very Big Problem will just grow and grow and grow until it swallows everything. The pattern will recur, over and over.

(we need to bomb the right people this time. that will solve it.)

The End.


(here we go again)

What’s that? Not much of an ending you say? Well, you see, that’s the thing with the Saturn-Neptune square, which is now coming close to the exact degree. Something in Horoscope Reader’s life is hiding in plain sight, like a vest full of explosives under a shirt , and something is both obscuring its real nature and how to address it properly. Stepping back and seeing the Larger Patterns is a start to solving this. Otherwise, you’ll just apply the same methods to the same issues.

(because we haven’t killed all the right people yet, but this time for sure)

Now go to sleep, dear. Come back next week for more clues and we’ll try to figure this thing out together, okay?

(don’t go back to sleep this time.)


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