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Mars enters Libra on Thursday. This is an event of no small significance, even though Mars goes around the Zodiac about once every 18 months. One of the reasons this is so significant is that Libra has a reputation for being particularly relationship-oriented… and Mars in Libra is a particularly difficult placement. Mars is thought of as “debilitated” in Libra, because it is opposite Aries, the Sign that Mars rules. Mars in Aries can be pretty explosive, but Mars in Libra is considered to be much more “withdrawn.”

Q: Why are Aries and Libra compatible?
A: Because who else is going to put up with Aries’ crap?

(Pause for bitter chuckles of agreement from the Libras out there, and to allow time for Aries to put on their Caps Lock button and respond)

No matter where it goes, Mars is still Mars, it still rules things like aggression, violence, and sex. None of these are usually considered to be suitable subjects for a dinner party, which sort of gives you an idea of why Libra isn’t where Mars does its best work. Nonetheless, those are the conditions Mars will be working with until January 3rd. Also, I should mention that since Venus is also currently in Libra, understanding how Mars in Libra works could get you some pretty sexy results.

Fortunately there is an easy exercise you can perform that will help you learn how to work with this peculiar combination, and it’s as close as your Facebook or Twitter account.

Argue with a friend!

You know that one I’m talking about… the one on your Friend’s List who’s always posting things you don’t agree with. All you need to do is…

1) Wait until he or she posts some opinion or meme that you think is inherently wrong or ridiculous expressing an opinion you’re pretty convinced is more or less wrong or wrong-headed.

2) Go to Google and summarize the opinion as succinctly as possible, followed by the word “debunked.” Examples could include:
-vaccines autism debunked
-founding fathers debunked
-astrology debunked (then please, click HERE)
-Obama (any opinion pro or con) debunked
…or whatever.

3) Find the first reasonable-sounding counter-opinion to the original opinion posted and post it as a response

4) Wait for your friend’s reaction, then respond… but don’t name-call or disparage the person involved. Just keep posting links that disagree with/disprove the original point, and/or gently point out the flaws in your friend’s reasoning.

Done correctly, there is approximately a three percent chance you will have a meaningful dialog about the subject, during which both of you will learn and grow as human beings. There is also a ninety-seven percent chance that no one will learn anything, your tolerance and/or theirs will be stretched to the limit and/or broken, and you may have one less friend on the Internet. Either way you will have gained some practical experience at how to work with the politely aggressive, passive aggressive, and helpful antagonism that Mars in Libra so often becomes.

NEXT TIME: The major aspects Mars in Libra makes between now and January, and how you can use them to your benefit (or to more efficiently annoy people).


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