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Writing a forecast for a planet as slow-moving as Pluto is pretty risky. If you’ve got Cancer Rising and the Moon enters Cancer, we can say “you’ll be more sensitive but outgoing”for the next two days. But Pluto, which is going to be in Capricorn until 2023? How can you possibly be specific about the next eight years and still be accurate?

In part, your life is not so much a series of events as it is a Grand Storyline. Pluto represents where much of the big life-and-death action (literally or figuratively) will be happening. Anyone who watched Breaking Bad may not recall every line of dialog or scene, but they’ll sure recall the highlights and the ending. So I’m going to present a six part series about the effects Pluto will be having on you over the next seven years and change, told in the form of six allegorical tales. If today’s story doesn’t apply to you, it’s likely to apply to someone close to you. And if not? Well, a story is still a story…

Today’s story applies to those of you who have Cancer or Capricorn Rising, which means your First House (who people think you are, how you come across to others, and how you express yourself) and Seventh House (your partnerships and relationships, marriage and commitment, and who you bond with and how you do it) will be affected.


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One of the greatest scientific miracles of the 20th Century was open heart surgery. It’s still amazing if you stop to think about it. The surgeon takes a saw and cuts out your sternum, and gently lifts it out. In most cases, you don’t even know this is happening, since you’ve been knocked out.  (Sometimes, in rare cases, although you appear to the rest of the world to be unconscious, you’re just paralyzed… and you get to feel every last turn of that metal blade. But that’s rare. Honest.)

Mostly, though, you aren’t aware of the process. And there’s your heart, exposed and pulsing away.

Then the surgeon stops your heart from beating and a machine… plastic and titanium and wiring and circuitry… takes over the process of keeping you alive. This could cause a stroke, or internal bleeding, or kidney damage, and that might kill you.

(But probably not.)

Then the surgeon reaches into your chest cavity, and he takes your heart into his hands, and he repairs the damage to the thing that keeps you alive. Maybe it was genetic: damage you inherited from your parents and never asked for. Or maybe it was damage from years of poor choices and bad habits. It could be that you simply didn’t know any better. Or perhaps you knew all along what you were doing to yourself and you simply didn’t care until the harm done was simply too great to ignore any more. Then again, the damage could have been caused purely by accident. The cause doesn’t matter so much when your pulse sputters and stops, does it? 

Then the surgeon puts the front of your rib cage back in, and sews you up. Then you wake up in a sterile, unfamiliar environment. They give you a block to hold against your chest. You cross your arms like an Egyptian mummy and press the block to the incision whenever you have the urge to cough… which will be often at first…

(Because otherwise your freshly-sealed chest cavity will explode. And you’ll die.)

Of course, if everything goes well, you can look forward to months of pain and worry and examinations and checkups. And then one day you’ll be on the treadmill and you’ll realize that you’ve been healed — that your heart has never felt so alive, and neither have you.

Or, knowing you face all of the above, you could just ignore those chest pains and get on with your life…. which won’t last much longer, by the way.

Or,  you could let someone who cares, and who has the skill, put you through a personal hell for a while — if you give that person permission to do so.

That’s what Pluto will be like for you until 2023, Cancer and Capricorn Rising.

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