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Dear Saturn:

Maybe it’s because you’re in Sagittarius now (which has a reputation for being “philosophical”), or maybe it’s because your conjunct my natal Mercury and South Node right now (thanks, no really), but I’ve been pondering your role in people’s lives more than usual lately, and I have a question for you.

But first, please rise for the anthem…

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It’s Halloween, which (if you ask me) is both one of the most important yet misused occasions of the year. On the one hand, dressing up as someone else, engaging in a little free-range anarchy, and candy all strike me as good and healthy things for a person. On the other hand, I wonder if we haven’t lost touch with what the day is really supposed to mean. It’s not supposed to be “scary” so much as about, well, death… which is scary.

Astrologically, I know you have a lot less to do with physical death than many would suspect (despite the Reaper’s sickle being the basis for your glyph, Saturn). You’re a lot more like the creeping aches and pains and general slowing down that comes with aging as opposed to simple the cause of death. Mostly, you’re about structure and order and limitations and… this is the part that gets people’s attention the most… karmic payoff. Usually, that means the kind of “karmic payoff” that happens when you’ve ignored something for too long and assumed it would either go away or your lucky streak would continue. Yes, Sagittarius has a gift for riding its lucky streaks a bit too long, so it’s no surprise that a lot of those will be coming to a crushing end while you’re in that Sign.

So I guess what I’m saying here is: help me figure out your message, both for me and my clients.

Happy Halloween!
Matthew Currie

Dear Matthew:

Never mind the philosophical crap. Do something about your writer’s block and depression. Also, you know that thing about your blood pressure you’ve been ignoring for a while now? Yeah. That.


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