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It’s funny: all those Sun Sign romance guides out there seem to think that an Aries and a Scorpio together will eventually lead to something blowing up. I’ve seen this combination in the real world over and over again… despite advice from well-meaning paperbacks and columnists. It seems that the key to making this relationship work is finding something to blow up together.

Traditionally, they are both Mars-ruled signs. Once upon a time, no one knew about Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, and astrologers used what are now called “traditional rulerships.” Try it for yourself:

Sign          Modern Ruler         Traditional Ruler

Scorpio     Pluto                         Mars

Aquarius   Saturn                     Uranus

Pisces         Neptune                 Jupiter

Not to pick on the Outer Planets… but take a look at the chart of a Scorpio, Aquarius, or Pisces you know, and then look at the Sign placement and condition of their Traditional Ruler and you’ll learn about how their Sun Sign attributes differ from the standard, canned interpretation.

We’ve all known happy couples who have “incompatible” Sun Signs. Aries and Scorpio is one of those pairings… but they are traditionally both ruled by Mars. So: if that Aries/Scorpio couple can find something to do with that energy (other than just sex, because that alone can get old eventually too) and it can work.

Hey, here’s a comic about it!

(click to enlarge)

beliefnet astrology matthew currie aries scorpio compatibility

And for all you Aries guys out there? If you think that Scorpio woman you’re after wasn’t all that impressed the first time… well, you’re probably right. But Scorpios don’t like quitters, and that just isn’t your style. And for you Scorpio women with an eye on an Aries man… well, be patient. He’s bound to get tired of all that running around eventually…

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