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Many an astrologer has spent a lot of time and energy explaining to clients how the energy Saturn brings is ultimately a good thing. It challenges but it strengthens, it hurts but it scrapes away the things you don’t really need, it scares but it clarifies, and so on. These are all good and true things of course, but they neglect one very important fact — one that the old-school, fatalistic astrologers of yesteryear were all too ready to point out: Saturn is a gigantic nuisance, and at worst it can feel like the icy breath of Death Itself down the back of your neck .

Whatever department of your life has been the most work in the last two and a half years and/or has seen the most hard work and seemingly unnecessary setbacks is likely the House of your birth chart where Scorpio lies. Although no one can promise you instant results, that area of your existence is likely to get easier once Saturn enters Sagittarius on September 17th. For example: Scorpio in my birth chart is the Fifth House, which is the general ruler of “having fun.” So, go ahead, ask me how much fun the last couple of years of my life have been. Go ahead, ask! Wait, you probably shouldn’t until my medication kicks in. You better clear it with my counselor, therapist, and nursing staff first. Yeah… just don’t ask.

At the same time though, I have learned and grown immensely from the last couple of years of my life and I genuinely believe I am now a better person overall for the experience… or will be once my recovery is complete. That’s the thing about Saturn transits: they take time to process. Like a fine wine they take on flavor and richness in the fullness of time, but if you crack that barrel open too early, you’re going to be drinking something akin to grape-flavored pond scum.

Sagittarius seems like a bad fit for Saturn. As much as Sagittarius has gained the reputation for being a philosopher, a deep thinker, and possessed of a certain innate wisdom, you have to admit that often they seem to take more after… shall we say the hind end of the Centaur? Making it worse is that Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, which is in many ways Saturn’s polar opposite. Jupiter wants to order anther round of drinks for everyone, but Saturn is always there to collect the tab at the end of the evening… and if your wallet is empty, there will be consequences long after you sober up.

Nonetheless, there is much good to come from Saturn in Sagittarius, and I will be covering it from all the angles, right here. Keep dropping by and we’ll figure this out together, okay?

To summarize: whatever Saturn brings you between this September and December 20th, 2017 (when Saturn finally moves on and becomes Capricorn’s problem) we’re going to be fine, and then better than fine — and ultimately the cheerful, boisterous, optimistic, somewhat cheerleader-like nature of Sagittarius will get us all through it.

So I say: bring it, Saturn in Sagittarius!

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