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beliefnet matthew currie astrology ashley madisonWarning: this is a story with absolutely no good guys.

By now you have probably heard about the gigantic leak of data from released by hackers. If not, here is a brief synopsis. is a website designed for married people (mostly men) to find a fling on the side. Yes, that’s unethical. Furthermore: men (well people, but the vast majority of them were men) could only have their profiles and data completely deleted from the system if they paid an additional charge. Yes, that’s unethical. A group of anonymous hackers calling themselves The Impact Team called on this nonsense, and acquired the personal information of the site’s clients to the public after the site refused to shut down. Yes, that’s unethical. The site didn’t play along, and so now we have a gigantic data dump of personal information of nearly 37 million users… only 5.5 million of whom were women. Also: upon analysis of the leaked data, it turns out that most of those women’s profiles were likely fakes anyway, generated by the company itself to draw more men in. Yes. That’s unethical.

Regardless of how you feel about any of these things… although pretty much everyone agrees that it’s somewhere between “mostly terrible” and “entirely terrible”… the astrological transits tell an interesting story when it comes to what crushed virtually overnight. Regardless of how you feel about anyone’s aspect in this situation, this dramatic happening to an organisation is going to be backed by some astrology. The rain falls on the just and the unjust alike, and when it does there are always transits to explain it.

I’ve written about mundane astrology before, on subjects like Bitcoin and Godzilla, and have shown how companies and concepts have birth charts and transits that affect them just as much as human beings. Determining the birth chart for something like, which started as an abstract concept, then became a company, then was sold to another company, can be difficult. But all sources agree on one date: the date that Avid Life Media of Toronto Ontario acquired the site: August 1st, 2007. At the very least, these recent events are clear reflection of how Avid Life Media operated, and the transits to that birth chart are striking and unmistakable.

Going by the birth chart, we see Moon conjunct Uranus in Pisces. One could make a case for this indicating a combination of romantic drama plus electronically fueled delusion, but it is not my purpose here to comment on the site’s personality. I want to show you how, in very clear terms, the planets brought down.

Specifically, the Ashley Madison chart is currently undergoing its Saturn Square. Ashley Madison was “born” with Saturn just short of 26 degrees Leo. In the early morning hours of July 12, 2015 when the hack occurred, Venus and Jupiter were both closely conjunct that Saturn, and transiting Saturn was at 28 Scorpio, close to the exact square. That Saturn transit is still in orb… and as the days go one more revelations surface about the site, some well-known people using it (notable former paragon of virtue Josh Duggar), and of course the threat of lawsuits aplenty loom large ahead.

Say what you will about Saturn transits, but sometimes they tear away the structures you no longer need in your life… and sometimes they are a thick slice of karma wrapped around a brick and thrown into your life. If Ashley Madison were a person instead of a web site, it would not have been my job to judge “her” life or actions… that would be unethical… but the writing was clearly on the wall to clean up “her” act somehow.

So how did this all turn out? Click here (but don’t let your spouse see you doing it)

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