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So: what will happen to you when Saturn re-enters Sagittarius on September 17th and stays there until December 2017?

Astrologers have an understandable tendency to generalize when it comes to the nature of a given planet in a given Sign. That’s understandable, because generalizations are a useful way to grasp complex ideas, even if generalizations are inherently less helpful when looking at individual cases. Saturn rules limitations and obstacles, and Scorpio is associated with sex and revenge. See how simple that is? But wait: before you start calling yourself an astrologer based on that simple an approach, you should probably stop and notice that in the last couple of years while Saturn was in Scorpio, not everyone caught an STD and/or assassinated their enemies. Likewise, just because Sagittarius rules travel and an interest in religion and/or philosophy doesn’t mean every train and airplane on Earth will crash into a church or a library in the next couple of years.

Whatever the Sign a planet is in, its greatest effect on you personally will depend on the House of your Birth Chart it is in, and the aspect it makes to your natal placements.  That always comes first and foremost above any pre-packaged, keyword-based “Planet A + Sign B = Result C” interpretation.

If you are fortunate enough to have been alive the last time Saturn passed through Sagittarius from November 1985 to February 1988 (with a bonus round in June-November 1988 thanks to a retrograde), then you’ve already experienced the effects of Saturn in Sagittarius… and (if you remember that as a difficult time in your life) you’ll be pleased to know that, generally speaking, Saturn transits are easier to deal with the second time around.

If you haven’t experienced Saturn in Sagittarius as an adult before (I don’t mean to discount the experience of toddlers, but odds are good your spouse didn’t leave you or you didn’t get fired when you were three years old, and a child’s conception of “good news” or “bad news” is usually a lot different than that of an adult), there are Saturn transits we know you will have regardless of when your birthday is in while Saturn is in Sagittarius based on your age group. I’ll be going into more detail about those in my next blog entry.

Mostly though, Sagittarius is known for its optimism and (as a result) a certain resilience. What’s less well known is that although Saturn is a real drag when it’s hitting you hard… it can also be a liberator. Saturn can wash you clean of your delusions and dysfunction and scrape the barnacles off of what you think your life is really about better than any other planet. All the logic of Mercury, the heartfelt pitches of The Moon, and all the prayers and affirmations of Neptune? Sometimes they won’t do you half as much good as the efficient jack-hammering you’ll get from a Saturn transit.

So: don’t be afraid of Saturn. And don’t be afraid of your freedom.

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