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(Editor’s note: Matthew Currie isn’t available today due to a non-scheduled solar eclipse. In his place we present a brief note from the planet Mercury, which recently finds itself in the sign of Cancer. We apologize for the interruption, and hope to have Matthew back as soon as possible.)

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Hello. I am the planet Mercury…. the one most responsible for your logical functions, language, and communication in general. I’m in the Sign of Cancer now, and I find I have taken on some of the emotional tone of that Sign… which to tell you the truth is kind of uncomfortable when reason is one’s stock-in-trade.

Complicating things is that for the next week or so I am going to be in range of a trine to Neptune and a conjunction to Mars. During this time many of you are likely to face frustrations and heated arguments and disagreements with others. Undoubtedly you beliefnet astrology matthew currie mercury cancer 4will find some excuse to blame that on some other transit than me. I’m just Mercury after all right? Little old Mercury. No one pays attention to me. Just because I am in (arguably) the moodiest of all the Twelve Signs isn’t going to have any effect on you or anyone else right?

Frankly folks: I’m just not in the mood for it.

Yeah, you guys go right ahead. Ignore the role I’m going to play in your blow ups in the week or two while I am at my crankiest. Since so many of you would rather post pointless and inaccurate memes on Facebook rather than discuss things logically, I have decided to create this blog entry in exactly the same manner.

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But oh yeah, you guys keep on ignoring me. That’s quite alright.

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