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I am initiating a new series on this blog called If I Was Your Astrologer. Writing about people in the news and their astrological transits is a fairly standard way of communicating how astrology works. But I’m afraid that in some ways it is just becoming a way to pile on to the rich and/or famous when troubled times get for them.

Yes we all enjoy that sort of thing more than we should though, don’t we?

Informative and entertaining as that can be, I would like to try a different approach here, on occasion. I would like to handle these subjects as if the person in question was my client and I were trying to convey their current situation to them, how they can handle it, when the bad times will end and when the good times will start… just like in a real consultation.

More often than not: people tend to consult an astrologer when the bad transits are hitting. I suppose that’s natural, just as people are more likely to see a doctor when they are sick then for an annual checkup when everything is fine. Or just like that doctor, an astrologer can do you a lot of good when things seem okay: not only to repair for difficulties to come eventually, but on how to fully exploit the good times while they are in effect.

Ultimately though, it’s the bad news that usually brings people to talk to me. And although those individual circumstances are always different, my advice usually boil down to roughly the same thing… although the details are always different from person to person.

I look at when the Bad News is likely to peak, when the Good News will kick in, and what can be done to make the trouble spots better and and to enhance the Good News when it arrives.

As for those of you experiencing Bad News now? I’d love to be able to help. But even if you don’t want a reading, keep this in mind:

I want you to know that there is a day coming when all the suffering you have been through will be worth it I know how much this hurts right now. I will do my best to help with that, but that will not make it all go away.

I want you to know that there is a day coming when all the suffering you have been through will be worth it, somehow. Unfortunately today is not that day. But that day is coming. Now… let’s figure out when that is, and how we’ll get you through to that point, okay?

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