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beliefnet astrology matthew currie NYSE shutdownJuly 8th, 2015 was a strange day for many, but particularly for the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). It was shut down unexpectedly for 3 hours shut down due to a software problem. There were also technical problems at United Airlines, grounding their entire fleet, and the Wall Street Journal, which went offline. But these events are not connected, other than of course they all happened under the same astrological conditions (Note to my more conspiracy-enthusiastic friends… I’ll address this again at the end of the blog).

Looking at the transits the NYSE was having at the time of the glitch is informative when we try to understand how transits work, and how they can affect individuals. As I’ve written here before, it isn’t just people who have birth charts — it’s business ventures and towns and even movie franchises.

When we look a person’s transits we tend to look at the big stuff, like squares or conjunctions presents from Saturn or Uranus or Pluto. Those tend to be the big ones that, for better or worse, get people’s attention the most. But you don’t have to be an astrologer for long without realizing that it is almost never the day of the exact aspect when all hell breaks loose. The bigger and scarier transits all last a long time, and rarely bring the Moment Of Disaster entirely on their own. When that happens, there are undoubtedly other “smaller” (or more accurately, faster) transits tripping things off.

So although the big transits are obvious, why is it so hard to spot the exact day and time something momentous will happen? There’s a very good reason for this: who’s got time to notice when the Moon is going to be making trouble for you sometimes next October? The Moon squares every point in your birth chart twice a month. And the local ascendant goes around the Zodiac every 24 hours as the Earth turns.

So keep that in mind as we look at the larger transits an astrologer could warn the New York Stock Exchange about, followed by the smaller stuff that set things off. You’ll notice that not all the transits were exact, and not all of them the NYSE was having that day were actually bad. And who knows? Perhaps yesterday’s communication breakdown will lead to changes that improve the stock exchange. But of course that’s not what made the headlines is it?

The primary point being affected is the NYSE’s Moon, which is always an important placement in any birth chart. Note that it rules the 12th House (assuming the 10 AM “birth time” is correct — there’s some debate over that), and the 12th House has a lot to do with unforeseen circumstances.

First of all, note the effects of the Uranus-Pluto square on that position. Although this has been in effect for about the last three years, a quick review of the record will show that this is not the first major technological breakdown the Exchange has had during that time.

You’ll notice that the Stock Exchange has a very strongly placed Saturn in Libra. That is a good thing when it comes to lending a person or an organization stability and longevity. However, any placement will receive bad transits eventually, and that’s what happened with yesterday’s shutdown. The NYSE’s Moon will be stressed by the Uranus Pluto square for a couple of years yet, and its Saturn will start feeling the heat in a year or so. Could it be time for tighter regulation, as some have said that yesterday’s crash requires…?

As for yesterday’s other big techno-failure news stories — the United Airlines grounding and The Wall Street Journal going offline? Well… all I can say is that we live in the Information Age, so it’s only natural that Information Failures will happen, now and in furture.

…Like, maybe… next week when that crunchy big Sun-Uranus-Pluto t-square will be replaced with a Mars-Uranus-Pluto configuration. In advance, I’d just like to say: ouch.

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