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Sorry about this being so late. You see, Venus entered Cancer back on Thursday, and I was all prepared to write Part Two about that (Part One is here, have a look!) but then I sort of got moody and life put me off (or maybe you said something to annoy me and I won’t admit it and I decided to passively punish you by not writing). I guess what I’m saying here is that I got too into character about the negative traits of Cancer and forgot about all the sweet and sensitive and nurturing parts until now, so I came back to write this… just for you. You’re welcome.

Here are the highlights of Venus’ current trip through Crab Country. Exact dates are shown, but add a day or two either side.

May 16th: Venus trine Neptune

Sweet thoughts and feelings and romance and crushes and giggles abound. Common sense is distinctly lacking. It’s a great time to write or appreciate love letters and/or poetry. The mood is a little like the words of one of our greatest living bards, Alice Cooper:

YouTube Preview Image

Sometimes my world goes upside down
Sometimes I see things backwards
But since I bumped into you, I bump into walls
And no one knows what’s wrong with me
They think that I got dropsy
Is dis love?
Or is dyslexia?

Romantic? You bet! Sane and wise? Maybe not so much. What’s Love without a little insanity though?

May 21: Venus opposite Pluto

Do you want it? Of course you do. Do you have to have it? Of course you do! Does it matter if it belongs to someone else or is the wrong size or will put you into a diabetic coma or you’re allergic to it? Probably not. Your needs can be downright demanding, so try to use some common sense, okay?

May 25: Venus square Uranus

Strange desires and hungers arise from seemingly nowhere. Some of them are compelling, some are a little scary, and some are just plain weird. The problem here of course is that you won’t know if it’s going to be a great ride or a trip on the Titanic until you buy that ticket and get on board.

June 5: Venus enters Leo

Time to stop being all silly and sentimental… get your hair done and get out there and work that thing!

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