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Venus is now entering the Sign of Cancer. Venus is the planet most closely associated with the concept of “love.” Since a planet tends to take on the flavor of whatever Sign it is in at the time, before I go into the specifics you can expect, I’m going to start with an analogy about the nature of Cancer, the sweet but shy little Crab who doesn’t mind pinching your face off if it has to, so don’t provoke it.


If you’ve seen many litters of puppies or kittens or whatever in your time, you know that they often produce one called “the runt.” Usually this just means one puppy or kitten that’s significantly smaller than the others, but sometimes a puppy or kitten will come out a little more… shall we say, pathetic?… than that.

I had the honor and pleasure once to hand-raise a puppy from birth because he was born with a cleft palate. He couldn’t latch on at the lunch table with Mom (so to speak) so my Significant Other and I at the time had to bottle feed the little guy. At first he was the smallest and most pathetic of the litter, but soon Fang (yeah, that’s when I called him so what?) grew to be the biggest and strongest of the puppies. In fact, given all the interaction he had with humans, he turned out to be the smartest of the puppies… which frankly made him a bit of a jerk.

For example: because he was held and carried so much, his brain was much more used to up/down than the average puppy brain, so he learned that he could win a fight with any of the other puppies simply by getting a little higher than them and then falling on them. Fang went from being the runt of the litter to the Little Dictator, and frankly that was just all right with me. It didn’t matter to me in the least – in fact I was kind of proud of it – that he was lording it over Bitey and Chickenhead and Lumpy and all the other puppies.

Yeah, I’m a Sagittarius and I named the puppies. So? Dopey nicknames are a sign of affection to us.

My point here is this: Cancer is a particular sucker for small and cute and pathetic things, more so than perhaps most people. It may not admit it to you, if that’s going to be taken as a sign of vulnerability, but it’s still true. Cancer has a remarkable ability to forgive and even embrace the worst aspects of a loved one… once Cancer feel secure with that loved one. But you’ll have to work a bit to get to that point with them.

We all have our less-than-perfect side. We all have that undersized, snorting, shaky puppy with a cleft palette inside of us somewhere… and if someone is going to truly love us, they’re going to learn to love that part of you too. And with luck, you’ll find someone whose pathetic damaged Inner Puppy you can love too.

Mostly though, I’m just sentimental about Fang and wanted to tell that story. Cancer is big on sentimentality too. Adapt your personal Love Style to reflect a bit more of this while Venus is in Cancer, and odds are good it will do your heart and your love life some real good.

Tomorrow: a handy guide to major aspects Venus will experience while passing through Cancer, when and how to take advantage of the mood, and when and how to keep it from pooping on your rug.


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