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Okay, first of all I admit it: this article is late. Mars actually entered Gemini last Monday. But I have my reasons! Really!

It would be wrong of me to blame any of my personal failings on where the planets are at any given time. We all have to take responsibility for the choices we make under the circumstances we face. However, for educational purposes only, that’s exactly what I’m about to do. Not take responsibility, that is. Today I’m going to do the other thing: blame the planets.

You see, in astrology each planet represents various functions in the life. Mars represents the basic drive and ambition to get things done no matter what those things may be. Furthermore, the Sign a planet is in will color how it operates. Gemini is a great sign for noticing details and writing and communicating and talking things over and so on. But it tends to get a little scattered more than the average Sign does. Gemini notices a lot of little details and jumps at distractions like a dog that thinks he’s seen a squirrel. So it’s only natural that with Mars now in Gemini, I’ve had a harder time getting my writing and communicating done, and it’s perfectly understandable that there will be delays and frustrations with getting the job done, because life is full of distractions… am I right?

Whoa. You know what I just remembered just now? “Tarzan Boy” by Baltimora. Was that one of the greatest one hit wonders of all time or what?

YouTube Preview Image

OH oh oh oh oh oh oh OH oh OH… Sorry — I got distracted and scattered again. Gemini is also smart enough to be able to come up with excuses where other Signs might not, so it (kinda) all works out in the end.

Hey, see what I did there? I covered my butt by using astrology as an excuse. Learn this stuff and you’ll get away with things like that all the time too!


Okay, seriously: Mars is now in early Gemini as I write this, and it’s opposite my natal Mercury — so I feel more compelled than usual to write and to communicate. But transiting Mars is also opposite transiting Saturn, which is conjunct my natal Mercury, so for the last couple of weeks there have been incredible obstacles to me writing and communicating. So the fact that Mars in Gemini can scatter your efforts and attention is really secondary to the fact that — hey, you know what another great song is? “Start Wearing Purple” by Gogol Bordello!

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All else being equal, Mars in Gemini is often a good time to more clearly communicate your needs, put your frustrations into words in order to find a solution, voice your concerns, and think your way out of a trap. It’s also a potentially great time to say the wrong thing at the wrong time to the wrong person and get your face slapped. So please be a little cautious with that Gemini magical gift for words, won’t you? And be careful of contradicting yourself, like I did earlier by saying “don’t use astrology to avoid responsibility for your actions” and then I went ahead and did just exactly that. But as any Gemini would point out: just because two things are contradictory doesn’t mean they can’t both be true.

Oh darn. I’ve hit my word count and still haven’t described the major transits Mars will be making while in Gemini. Come back for that next time, okay? I swear I’ll be more focused. Honest!

Well, probably anyway.

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