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Last time, I discussed in fine detail the workings of Mars in Gemini without really getting anywhere at all with it. That’s because that’s how Mars in Gemini often works. However, if you can learn to work with the (sometimes frantic) mental energies this transit brings, you’ll be able to do yourself a lot of good. Or at least with luck you won’t embarrass yourself by rambling incoherently on your blog in public about it. Just sayin’.

Here are the major transits that Mars will be making to other planets during its time in Gemini. I have listed the exact dates, but add a couple of days on either side of those.

Right now: Mars opposite Saturn 
You’ll probably have a hard time mustering the energy and focus to get anything done in a practical way. It’s a bit like pressing on the brake pedal and the gas pedal at the same time and cranking the wheel all the way to the left and somehow expecting to travel down a straight road. Example: Mars entered Gemini days ago, and I’m an astrology blogger, and it’s only now that I’m getting around to writing about it. Go figure. Hey: I can predict the future, but I can’t avoid it.

May 18: Mercury goes retrograde
Although (strictly speaking) this doesn’t involve Mars, since Mercury is the ruler of Gemini, above and beyond all the usual cautions about Mercury retrograde you should also be more careful about where and how you use your temper. In other words: you’re just more likely to tear a strip off of the wrong person, and /or they’re more likely to do it to you. You’ve been warned.

May 25: Mars square Neptune
If you are tired of the scatter-shot results that Mars in Gemini is getting you with your personal ambitions, try mixing in an unhealthy amount of delusion. Yeah, that’ll make everything better. Be careful who you decide to work out your drives and aggressions with.

May 27: Mercury conjunct Mars
Let’s discuss my personal issues with you at length. In detail. In an extended format. Oh, you don’t want to hear about it? Good luck undoing those knots I tied you to that chair with – I was in Boy Scouts you know. Okay — technically I held a Boy Scout hostage until he showed my how to tie them. He survived and so can you. Now let’s talk about my problems with you in detail… and quit biting on that ball gag! It was expensive. You’ll get your turn to talk later. Maybe.

June 5 Mars sextile Jupiter
This could be an excellent time to celebrate something or throw a party. It could also be an excellent time to go nuts with something, overdo it, or push your limits unwisely. Depending on your personal party style, those two may be the same thing. Literally or figuratively, a designated driver is advised.

YouTube Preview Image

Mars in Gemini Party Music!

June 11: Mars square Chiron
Hey, I know you’re not the type to go around deliberately hurting anyone’s feelings or stirring up any old psychological ghosts just to make me feel bad about things that are completely out of me control or deeply rooted in my past. I’m not that way either. Let’s all just promise ourselves to be more careful with our words and actions around those things, okay? Besides: I know that, given how your parents really felt about you as a child, you can’t help acting out now. But we’re cool now, right?

Also June 11: Mercury goes direct
Yeah. I’m sure that’ll make everything magically better all of a sudden. Hahahahaha…

June 24th: Mars enters Cancer
Mars suddenly feels all shy and stupid about the things he’s been saying to you for the last while, and decides to crawl home and quietly contemplate why he didn’t grow up to be the planet his Mother wanted him to be.

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