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Finally... clear-cut directions from an astrologer!

Finally… clear-cut directions from an astrologer!

May’s astrology is dominated by activity in the Mutual Signs… Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. For many this will represent a refreshing change of pace, but for others it will just feel like a landslide is starting somewhere. In large part, this is due to the delusional nature of Neptune, which continues its long march through Pisces, and the stern discipline of Saturn, now retrograde and leaving the early degrees of Sagittarius. Most of the planets will be interacting with one or both of those placements over the course of the next month.

No matter how all this Mutable activity works out for you personally, just make sure you don’t begin or end any important activities when the Moon is Void of Course and things ought to be fine. Or at least they won’t turn out as badly as they would have otherwise. Hey, don’t get all “love and light” on me. I am as New Age is the next guy, but it genuinely helps to be a bit of a pessimist when your professional astrologer. If you want happiness all the time you don’t need astrological guidance, you need a prescription.

Man, am I ever feeling Saturn in Sagittarius this month!

Anyway, here’s your Moon Astrology forecast for May 2015, set for Eastern Standard Time. The particularly long and painful Voids are marked with **

May  2, 2015    10:03 AM               Moon trine Venus V/C **
May  2, 2015     9:47 PM                Moon enters Scorpio

May 3: Full Moon in Scorpio
May  4, 2015     9:49 PM               Moon opposite Mar V/C
May  5, 2015     7:13 AM                Moon enters Sagittarius
May  7, 2015     1:51 PM               Moon opposite Venus V/C
May  7, 2015     2:16 PM                Moon enters Capricorn

May 7: Venus enters Cancer

May  9, 2015     4:35 PM               Moon trine Mars V/C
May  9, 2015     7:22 PM                Moon enters Aquarius
May 11, 2015     6:36 AM               Sun square Moon V/C

May 11: Mars enters Gemini

May 11, 2015    10:53 PM                Moon enters Pisces
May 13, 2015    12:55 PM               Sun sextile Moon V/C**
May 14, 2015     1:13 AM                Moon enters Aries
May 15, 2015     8:04 AM               Moon conjunct Uranus V/C
May 16, 2015     3:02 AM                Moon enters Taurus

May 17: New Moon in Taurus

May 18, 2015    12:13 AM               Sun conjunct Moon V/C
May 18, 2015     5:27 AM                Moon enters Gemini

May 18th: Finally, an excuse for anything that goes wrong — Mercury retrograde!

May 19, 2015     1:57 PM               Moon sextile Uranus V/C**
May 20, 2015     9:56 AM                Moon enters Cancer
May 21, 2015     8:36 PM               Moon square Uranus V/C**
May 22, 2015     5:42 PM                Moon enters Leo
May 24, 2015     6:49 AM               Moon trine Uranus V/C**
May 25, 2015     4:52 AM                Moon enters Virgo
May 26, 2015    10:21 PM               Moon sextile Venus V/C**
May 27, 2015     5:42 PM                Moon enters Libra
May 29, 2015     4:20 PM               Moon square Venus V/C**
May 30, 2015     5:34 AM                Moon enters Scorpio

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