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Finally... clear-cut directions from an astrologer!

Finally… clear-cut directions from an astrologer!

MARCH! It sounds like an order, doesn’t it? Well, if it is an order, no one is particularly obeying. In the Northern Hemisphere everyone gets excited because it’s supposed to be the first month of Spring. In the Southern Hemisphere it’s the alleged start of Autumn. In Ecuador? Business as usual, mostly. Really though, March often delivers the promise of hope for positive change without quite delivering. Why is that? Because maybe you should be paying more attention to the Void of Course Moon, that’s why! Read on…


This month, Mercury enters Pisces and gets a bit fuzzy with the details, Venus enters Taurus and starts thinking about finally settling down after a wild ride in Aries, and Saturn goes retrograde at almost-but-not-quite 5 degrees Sagittarius (look out, late Scorpio, Saturn’s coming back!).

March 20th also sees the first Solar Eclipse of 2015, just half a day before the Sun enters Aries. If that sounds significant to you… you’d probably be right. Come back later to that date for details.

As always, the devil is in the details, and despite all the larger transits happening, you’ve got to keep an eye on The Moon… particularly when it’s a Void of Course Moon. If you’re unfamiliar with what that phenomenon means, click here. If you want to know how best to handle those times, click here. In general though, just try to avoid starting or completing any important projects or making important agreements when the Moon is Void and you’ll be all right.



Below is a listing for Void Of Course (VOC) Moon times and dates for the month of March 2015  (if you’re unfamiliar with how useful the VOC Moon concept is, click here for more information). 

The particularly long and awful Voids are marked with **

All times are Eastern Standard, or as they say in New York, “Hey, you figger out whatever the time one is in your Podunk town and deal with it, pal. I ain’t got time to do yer math for ya.”

March  1, 2015     6:34 PM                Moon enters Leo
March 3, 2015     3:47 AM               Moon opposite Mercury V/C
March  4, 2015     6:58 AM                Moon enters Virgo
March 5, 2015     1:36 PM               Moon trine Pluto V/C**
March  6, 2015     7:52 PM                Moon enters Libra

*** Daylight Saving Time begins *** (which sucks if you’re as big a fan of sleeping in late as I am)

March  8, 2015     9:24 PM               Moon trine Mercury V/C
March  9, 2015     9:10 AM                Moon enters Scorpio
March 11, 2015     3:46 PM               Moon square Mercury V/C
March 11, 2015     7:30 PM                Moon enters Sagittarius
March 13, 2015     7:11 PM               Moon trine Venus V/C
March 14, 2015     2:40 AM                Moon enters Capricorn

Mercury enters Pisces. Write poetry, not technical reports, dude.

March 16, 2015     4:02 AM               Moon square Venus V/C
March 16, 2015     6:14 AM                Moon enters Aquarius
March 17, 2015     2:18 PM               Moon sextile Mars V/C
March 18, 2015     6:58 AM                Moon enters Pisces

Venus enters Taurus. Workplaces everywhere descend into chaos as people start taking more than their fair share of the doughnuts.

March 20, 2015     5:36 AM               Sun conjunct Moon V/C

Hey, it’s Eclipse Day! A dragon swallows the Sun and threatens all life on Earth, or you know, maybe not. Also, the Sun enters Aries. 

March 20, 2015     6:28 AM                Moon enters Aries
March 21, 2015     6:51 PM               Moon conjunct Mars V/C
March 22, 2015     6:40 AM                Moon enters Taurus
March 23, 2015    10:24 AM               Moon sextile Mercury V/C
March 24, 2015     9:22 AM                Moon enters Gemini
March 26, 2015     8:35 AM               Moon sextile Mars V/C
March 26, 2015     3:45 PM                Moon enters Cancer
March 28, 2015     9:58 PM               Moon square Mars V/C
March 29, 2015     1:48 AM                Moon enters Leo
March 30, 2015     9:57 AM               Moon trine Uranus V/C
March 31, 2015     2:12 PM                Moon enters Virgo

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