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Astrologically, the romantic outlook for the next month or so reminds me of an old joke, which happens to be one of my favorites. Here it is in sanitized format for the delicate ears and eyes of the Beliefnet reader.

A young bull and an old bull are standing at the top of the hill, looking down on a herd of cows. The young bull gets an excited glint in his eye and starts prancing excitedly back-and-forth.

“Hey,” the young bull says to the old bull, “let’s run down the hill right now and make furious passionate love to one of those cows!”

The old bull finishes chewing his mouth full of grass while contemplating what the young bull has said. After a pause, the old bull turns to the young bull and says “no, my son. Let’s walk down the hill and make love to all of them.”


Venus and Mars are the planets most closely associated with the urge to mate. Sure, they are also the general rulers of “socializing,” but that’s not what I’m talking about today. Over the course of the next couple of months, they will be both hanging out in some very interesting neighborhoods. Right now both planets are in Aries. In theory, Mars (the yang, the masculine side of your sex drive) in Aries is a powerful placement. That’s true. However, you’ll probably tend to read a lot of things about how Venus (the more yin, receptive, or “gentler” side of the pair-bonding process) in Aries is a so-called “debilitated” placement.

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Go right ahead, YOU tell her she’s “debilitated.” I’ll wait behind this tree.

Personally, I disagree. Venus in Aries is not terribly “ladylike,” sure… but there’s a time and a place for being less than ladylike. And if Venus in Aries gets it way, that time and place are usually “right here and right now.”

This, combined with the impulsive energy of Mars in Aries, makes the next couple of weeks prime time for getting something done with your love life. So if you need to shake that side of your life up, please feel free to follow the lead of the Young Bull and run down that hill.

Mars remains in Aries until the end of the month, but Venus enters Taurus on the 17th… St. Patrick’s Day, as a matter of fact. Traditionally, Venus in Taurus is considered a much “better” placement. It certainly has a reputation for being more “ladylike.” Perhaps a better way of describing Venus in Taurus would be “more patient” or possibly “more skillful.” Either way, it’s an excellent thing.

But you’ve got to admit that in order to get to where you’re going romantically, you’ve got to get off of that hilltop first. So when he comes to the state of your love life, why not push your agenda a little harder in the next couple of weeks, and then take your time to develop things once you’re there?

Give it a shot. It’ll work… no bull!

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