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You know you want some.

I’m going to be teaching another online astrology course soon. I’ve taught astrology many times before, and yet it’s only very recently that someone asked me a very important question… why should I learn astrology?

Obviously if you’re here reading this, you must have at least some passing interest in the subject, and shouldn’t that be enough? Besides, it’s not like everyone who takes a needlepoint class asks “why should I learn needlepoint?”

Sometimes though, the best questions are the ones that are only obvious once someone has thought to ask them. So I’ve compiled a list of reasons why you… yes, you… should learn astrology.

1) Who are you, really?

Sure, you know what the ID in your wallet says. You know what the people who know you say. But what are the things that make you uniquely you? Knowledge is power, and getting anywhere in life has to begin with knowing yourself: your composition, your resources, and what works best for you. Even if all you ever learn about astrology is your own birth chart, this will give you a gigantic advantage over most people and will make it a lot easier to find the things that make your life truly better and more fulfilling.

2) Who are these other people?

If figuring ourselves out is so difficult, it’s no wonder other people are so baffling sometimes. Just as understanding your own birth chart will help you understand yourself better, the same is true of others. What’s more, understanding astrological compatibility can put your relationship with others into a context that will help things make much more sense for everyone involved.

3) Why can’t we all just get along?

Nobody’s perfect, and no one’s birth chart is perfect. But understanding your birth chart and someone else’s chart can help explain how your relationship works. Even more importantly, you can help explain how it doesn’t work and what you could do about that.

4) What can I do about the state of my love life?

Who you love and how you love isn’t the product of random circumstance. Understanding your birth chart will not only help you figure out what it is you’re really looking for, but how you can maximize your own personal appeal and improve your odds of getting that.

5) Is there a better job for me?

Want to see how astrology can be of real practical use to you? Check out my blog entries on astrology and career counseling here and here. That’s just one example of the real, practical use of astrology.

6) When is the best time to…?

Start looking for a new job? Start a project? Take a vacation? Have a baby? Start a relationship? End a relationship? Get your hair done? You name it, and astrology can help you make important decisions more effectively.

7) Nothing has killed it yet.

In the last 2000 years or so, a lot of ideas have come and gone. We no longer expect to learn someone’s character from reading the bumps on the head. We don’t expect our crops to grow better if we throw a virgin into the local volcano. We don’t believe that women have fewer ribs than men, or that fly larvae spontaneously up here from rotten food. Yet somehow, astrology endures. Why? Because it works, that’s why.

Which leads me to watch me possibly be the biggest reason of all to learn astrology…

8) Because The Universe is paying attention to you, so maybe you should pay attention to it.

Yeah. I know. How can the planet Mars, millions of miles away with NASA probes running around on it, possibly influence my temper? How can Neptune, out in the cheap seats of the Solar System, possibly describe the ways I experience spirituality?

Honestly: the “why” of astrology completely beats me. But I know it works. Millions of others do too. Wouldn’t you like to get in on some of that action?

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It’s a big Universe out there. And it’s waiting for you.

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