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Finally... clear-cut directions from an astrologer!

Finally… clear-cut directions from an astrologer!

Oh, February. Shortest month of the year, the weather is mostly not great, and on top of all that you inflict Valentine’s Day on us as well. Is there no end to your treachery, you smallest and most noisome month of the ear?

Actually, things could be worse. The last (hooray!) exact peak of the Uranus-Pluto square is not yet upon us, Mars moves into Aries (so maybe we can stop moping around and get something done, jeez), and mercury comes off its retrograde. Now, if we could just get through this whole Valentine’s Day thing, all would be forgiven, February.

Like they say: the devil is in the details, and despite all the larger transits happening, you’ve got to keep an eye on The Moon… particularly when it’s a Void of Course Moon. If you’re unfamiliar with what that phenomenon means, click here. If you want to know how best to handle those times, click here. In general though, just trying to avoid starting or completing any important projects or making important agreements when the moon is void and you should be all right.



Below is a listing for Void Of Course (VOC) Moon times and dates for the month of November  (if you’re unfamiliar with how useful the VOC Moon concept is, click here for more information). The particularly long and awful Voids are marked with **

All times are Eastern Standard, or as they say in New York, “Hey, you figger out whatever the time one is in your Podunk town and deal with it, pal. I ain’t got time to do yer math for ya.”

Feb  1, 2015     8:37 AM               Moon trine Mars V/C
Feb  2, 2015    12:41 PM                Moon enters Leo

February 3rd: Full Moon in Leo conjunct Jupiter. Party like a werewolf!

Feb  4, 2015    12:31 AM               Moon conjunct Jupiter V/C**
Feb  5, 2015    12:46 AM                Moon enters Virgo
Feb  6, 2015     5:09 PM               Moon opposite Mars V/C
Feb  7, 2015     1:44 PM                Moon enters Libra
Feb  9, 2015     6:58 AM               Sun trine Moon V/C**
Feb 10, 2015     2:05 AM                Moon enters Scorpio

February 11th: Mercury is no longer retrograde. Editors, process servers, telephone operators everywhere rejoice!

Feb 12, 2015    12:32 AM               Moon trine Mars V/C
Feb 12, 2015    11:46 AM                Moon enters Sagittarius
Feb 14, 2015    10:15 AM               Moon square Mars V/C
Feb 14, 2015     5:24 PM                Moon enters Capricorn
Feb 16, 2015     3:17 PM               Moon sextile Mars V/C
Feb 16, 2015     7:13 PM                Moon enters Aquarius

February 18th: New Moon right at the tail end of Aquarius… so close to the end in fact that you can’t even count it as Void of Course for the half a minute or so it takes to enter Pisces. As a matter of fact, when you consider the Moon is 2 1/2 degrees wide, it’s like a New Moon in both Aquarius AND Pisces. Go figure!

Feb 19, 2015     6:02 PM               Moon sextile Pluto V/C**

February 19th and February 20th: Mars and then Venus enter Aries. Romantic impulsiveness in in the air, and not just because you dropped the ball on Valentine’s Day… but that probably doesn’t hurt either.

Feb 20, 2015     6:13 PM                Moon enters Aries
Feb 21, 2015     7:36 PM               Moon trine Jupiter V/C
Feb 22, 2015     7:28 PM                Moon enters Taurus
Feb 23, 2015     9:57 PM               Moon square Jupiter V/C**
Feb 24, 2015    11:54 PM                Moon enters Gemini
Feb 26, 2015     3:43 AM               Moon sextile Jupiter V/C**
Feb 27, 2015     7:50 AM                Moon enters Cancer
Feb 28, 2015    12:53 PM               Moon opposite Pluto V/C**
Mars  1, 2015     6:34 PM                Moon enters Leo

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