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beliefnet matthew currie charles manson astrologyOh, Astrology. You are the gift that keeps on giving, making sense of The Crazy. Case in point: It was recently announced that well-known monster Charles Manson is getting married. The blushing bride-to-be is Afton Burton, age 26. I haven’t been able to find a birthdate for Afton (but boy have I tried). Charlie’s birth chart has been known to us a long time though: he was born November 12, 1934, 4:40 PM, Cincinnati Ohio. It’s a remarkable chart.

Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter in Scorpio all in the Seventh House indicate someone who is very “partnership oriented.” He also has a very close Mars-Neptune conjunction. Any Mars-Neptune aspect can confer a degree of charisma, but when that conjunction is in a Sign whose ruler is in the Seventh House (in Manson’s case, Mercury) this makes for remarkable persuasive power over others. And by the way: did you know that the murders Charles Manson is in jail are not ones he actually committed himself? No, he talked others into doing it. That, like it or not, is “charisma.”

At the time of the announcement, Sun, Mercury, and Saturn were all passing through Charlie’s Seventh House, which represents marriage. Saturn normally doesn’t bring happy circumstances, but it can certainly solidify things: Afton and Charlie have been friends for years, and Afton has previously referred to herself as “Charles Manson’s wife” even though they weren’t married and Charlie never publicly confirmed anything like that. Mars and Pluto were conjunct in Charlie’s Ninth House when the announcement came, and the Ninth H0use rules both wedding ceremonies and legalities in general… and as a Mars-Pluto conjunction often does, it brought surprising news. So whether we like Charles Manson or not, or whether or not anyone within yelling distance of sanity would marry him, there you have it. Astrology: it works regardless of how you feel about the people it’s working for.

Manson isn’t allowed conjugal visits and probably never will be. So why get married? Here’s the punchline: you already knew this wasn’t going to be any normal sort of “marriage.” But above and beyond simply the notion that a young woman is completely delusional about Charles Manson, there is a very practical side to all this. As Afton herself has said, “there’s certain things next of kin can do.”

That’s right. Charlie is up to something clever and cunning, and he’s found someone willing to do the heavy lifting for him. Just because you’re a monster doesn’t mean you’re stupid.

NEXT TIME: We look at a much nicer Scorpio with Taurus rising who is also facing a Saturn transit through the Seventh House, with very different results.

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