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Some weeks are harder than others to write a weekly forecast about. Like this week, for example. There is some nice supportive stuff going on, and Mars has entered Sagittarius, sure. But nothing grabs people’s attention like bad news, and frankly there seems to be a shortage of that going on this week.

Mars Square Neptune.

Sure, Mars square Neptune is in effect now, but it doesn’t even reach its peak until the end of the week. So why should we worry about it now? For once, Saturn isn’t misbehaving.

The neighbors are watching you.

And yeah, technically we are entering the “shadow period” of Mercury Retrograde, so there is a chance our thoughts and communications may not be as clear as intended, but just stay focused and proofread and everything ought to be fine.

You’re a fool if you believe that.

Venus is moving into the sextile with Saturn, so later in the week it should be easier to stabilize your finances and affections. Venus is in Virgo, which may not be the most exciting place for her, but it’s relatively thoughtful and stable and not prone to rash emotional actions.

Someone will break your heart.

*sigh* Okay, I hear you, Little Voice In The Back Of My Mind. As far as Mars square Neptune goes: sure, that’s within 3° of being exact. And yes, that particular aspect can make for some weird emotional states. Of course, depending on the details of your own birth chart, this will affect some more than others. But let’s not worry about that, shall we? We can’t spend all our time waiting for the other shoe to drop, especially when you consider that often there was no first shoe in the first place.

Potential tragedy lurks behind every corner.

Life always carries a certain degree of risk with it. You know that by now. You can’t let worrying about everything bad that could happen get to you, because EVERYTHING bad that could happen never actually happens. Not ALL of it, not all at once at the very least. So just breathe through it and you’ll be fine, okay?

Just wait until next week.

Shut up!

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