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Okay, I admit it: I sort of oversold how much good Venus in Libra will do for you with that title. I was just too eager to please, and that happens sometimes with Venus in Libra.

It’s not like there’s any one planetary placement that will prove to be the magical cure for everyone’s problems. And let’s be honest here: Venus certainly has its uses, but it’s often more of a show pony than a workhorse. Venus is about the sweet things in life, sometimes literally: among other things, it rules sugar.

However: it would be a mistake to dismiss Venus as simply the pretty wrapper that goes on top of life’s more practical package. Venus is about love and kindness and attraction, and these are qualities that are important to more than just our romantic relationships. Making the world a better place will, in part, depend on us being nicer to each other… not just in the obvious ways, but all the little thoughtful ways that make life a bit better.


Well, sure, that’s a nice thought. But unless Venus is the 2nd or 10th house of your birth chart, the tendency may be to spend it more than to make it. There’s nothing wrong with that, just don’t overdo it.


Unless Libra is the first house of your birth chart, there’s no guarantees that Venus in Libra will make you more visually appealing. But it is a good time to assess how you present yourself to people, both physically and otherwise. It’s also a good time to practice some diplomacy.


Well, there’s always cute animals. Venus in Libra likes cute things at least as much as anyone else does. Thank you, Internet!

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Here are some important dates to keep in mind while Venus passes through Libra. The exact dates are listed, but feel free to add on two or three days before and after the exact dates for those aspects.

October 8: Venus square Pluto. Have you ever had a cast on your arm or your leg and had an itch inside that you just couldn’t reach, and you couldn’t take it anymore, and you finally jam a chopstick or a pen down there to get to that itch and it felt so good that you didn’t really care that you just might be ripping open some stitches? Yes that’s what the unhealthy compulsion Venus square Pluto might bring can be like sometimes. Oh, and it’s also happening on the day of the Lunar Eclipse. Yes, that’s significant, and yes I’ll be covering it in more detail closer to the date in question.

October 11: Venus opposite Uranus. Remember that time in college when you were curious about ______ and your friends were all talking about how they had done ______ and so you went ahead and tried ______ yourself, and you had a really great time but woke up in the morning confused and a little worried and swearing you would never tell anyone about it again? And yet sometimes you still think back to it and realize you had a good time despite the fact that you’d totally just die if your parents ever found out? Don’t worry, I won’t embarrass you by mentioning the specifics in public. But it probably really was a good time after all, and no one was hurt, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Heck, why not think about doing it again? This time though: no pictures, okay?

October 14: Venus sextile Jupiter. This is one of those transits that is so incredibly light and sweet and fluffy that it’s pretty easy to miss out on it entirely. Don’t. If you have a chance to be caring, comforting, mend fences, or make peace… do it. Also: watch your spending.

October 17: Mercury conjunct Venus. This is a good time for kindly communications, writing love letters, and kissing up to the boss for that reason. Yes, even though Mercury is retrograde there is still no harm in saying a few kind words to people, is there?

October 20: Venus sextile Mars. Any Venus/Mars aspect is going to add up to “sex” somehow or other. This does not necessarily mean you will suddenly be the Belle of the Ball, but certainly people’s urges in general will be amplified. So do with that what you will. Also, it’s good for general socializing and making contacts and stuff like that too. Just watch that tendency to drunk dial your ex. I know you don’t want to hear this, but: it’s over, dude. It’s over.

October 23: Solar Eclipse conjunct Venus in the first degree of Scorpio. Yes, you are correct: that does deserve its own blog entry, and it will get one closer to the event. But here’s a sneak preview: bam!


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