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Finally — a practical astrology forecast that EVERYONE can use, regardless of their Sign! Make sure you bookmark this page and come back — it could be the most useful thing I’ve written all month. Below is a listing for […]

Wednesday’s New Moon in Gemini is, like all New Moons, the beginning of a new cycle. And like all New Moons, it’s yours to take advantage of or not. This one is a little special for two reasons: it features […]

A warning: today’s subject matter is not particularly pleasant. If you’re easily upset by the terrible things that human sometimes do, please feel free to drop by tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a happier day here. *** A menu can tell […]

LJ writes: “I have always wanted to be married, but things have never worked out for me with my love life. I have Saturn in the Seventh House, and I read that this means it’s unlikely to ever happen for […]

Sometimes I come across a case that is an absolute classic of old-school astrology. Modern astrologers, myself included, love to speak of the birth chart as a collection of potentials. They are the essential toolkit that your free will was […]

“Everything happens for a reason.” -That clerk from the New Age bookstore “Shut up and give me a refund on this crystal ball. My future stinks!” -Me After a lengthy retrograde period, Mars is finally turning direct and moving forward […]

Ludwig van Beethoven was already well on his way to being deaf as a post in 1817 when he received the commission to start the work, and for whatever reason, he didn’t even roll up his sleeves and get busy […]

Congratulations on your choice of a Gemini! This unit comes with a spectacular amount of data processing ability, and with regular maintenance will function smoothly for a long time. Of course, any complex system can produce complex and unpredictable results, […]

(The Scorpio Full Moon is now in effect… CLICK HERE to see what you can make of it!)  (This is a part of the “Ask An Astrologer” series.) JT writes: “When is it gonna end? We’re all getting tormented by […]

(Why is Wednesday’s Full Moon so important to YOU? CLICK HERE to find out!) Today: not one, but two stories involving wedding charts (the “birth chart” of a marriage) and celebrity relationships hitting troubled times: Sherri Shepherd of “The View” […]