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“Okay, the butt’s better, but now I don’t like the cheekbones. Let’s try the Titian again…”

My Lovelies:

I thought I’d drop you a friendly line about my numerous concerns for your well-being — not that I am overwhelmed with worries, sweeties, because worrying too much is The Moon’s job.  As you know, I’m retrograde right now, so you may have noticed the old flames cropping up a bit more, and your thoughts and concerns and regrets about your love life may be bothering you a bit more than usual. That will be settling down soon, though: I’m approaching the station and will be going forward at the end of the month. That is, of course… unless you don’t do something about it.

This would be so much more comfortable for us if it weren’t for Jupiter and Pluto. Being conjunct Pluto isn’t the most comfortable place for anyone (let alone ME!) to be, but it can certainly be therapeutic. Pluto gives us a chance to make revolutionary changes when they’re needed, gives us the strength to endure the unendurable, and generally toughens things up. And let’s be honest with ourselves, Darlings: I’m good at my job, but “toughening up” is NOT my job. So, special thanks to Pluto. You’re a dear, even if you are “The Lord Of The Underworld.”

As for my dear friend Jupiter? Normally when we get together we have a wonderful time. But when we’re opposed like this, it’s like between the two of us we’ve emptied the buffet table of emotions, yet everyone walks away feeling empty. And believe me… Jupiter in Cancer knows how to work a buffet table.

You all have some really unique and wonderful opportunities ahead of you in the next few days when it comes to your love lives. If you’ve been moping over a lost relationship, now is the time you should be able to figure out how to either get it back, or to get rid of it for good, or to just get over it or past it somehow. Which course of action you take is up to you, of course.

But please, darlings… get off your butt and do something about that love life of yours. The time is right, and it’s much more up to you than it is to me. I can’t help you all by myself… I’m much too busy with lying around looking good all day long.


PS: Speaking of old flames cropping up… Mars, I know you’re in “the relationship Sign” now, but if you don’t stop calling me all night long I’m going to have to get a restraining order. Cut it out!


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