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Paul Walker And The Astrology Of Death

beliefnet astrology matthew currie death paul walkerAn important part of any astrologer’s job is to forecast the future. The psychological element of astrology may be important, but one of the advantages astrology has over mainstream psychology is that it can also predict future events. You may already know that your relationship is strained because of X, but it helps to know that this will come to the fore next month, or will settle down in the Spring. Likewise, your finances may be tight now, but you can plan ahead better if you know that sales will be slow in the second quarter, or that your boss will be applying additional pressure for the next three weeks, and so on.  Astrologers are often asked about major life events: Will I have children? When will I find a new job? And so on. One of the things that is most useful about astrology is its ability to spot major life events before they happen.


Surely, “death” is a major life event, isn’t it?

A lot of professional astrologers shy away from questions about death, and I can’t say I blame them. The techniques involved are complex and (frankly) a lot of work. There is always the possibility of  getting something wrong, and even though we wish the best for our clients, it would be particularly bad form to say something like “you’re going to die next August” and then have the client contact you again that September — without the aid of a Ouija board, that is — to let you know you’ve dropped the ball, big time. That, and there is always the concern that delivering bad news will be a self-fulfilling prophesy. Astrologers may deliver bad news sometimes, but we don’t want to be the cause of it.


Nonetheless, there are techniques available that, if applied properly and diligently, can pinpoint times when there is a high risk of expiring. One of the main reasons for doing this is to avoid the things that could kill us at those times. It’s like a weather forecast that way: if there’s a high risk of rain tomorrow, the weatherman has warned you — so take an umbrella.


Paul Walker (born September 12, 1973, time unknown, Glendale CA) died in a car crash on the afternoon of November 30th. Even without a known time of birth (calculating a specific risk period of actual death should only be done with a known time of birth) there were some obvious risk factors in play, astrologically speaking.  He died in a car crash — apparently involved in an illegal street race — so we shouldn’t be surprised that there were transits at work increasing his impulsiveness. The Sun was finishing a pass at conjuncting his Neptune, and was quincunx his Mars, which is a bad time for both deluding oneself and for awkward or ill-advised acts of aggression or risk-taking. Further complicating this was Mars conjunct his Mercury: prime time for rash thoughts and strong impulses. And to top it off, the transiting Moon was opposite his Mars: another indicator of impulsive and potentially dangerous decision making.


These were all relatively fleeting transits, and not the sort of thing one would normally be looking at in a consultation, unless the client was specifically worried about such matters. But there were also a couple of major warning signs that it could be a risky period for Paul… most notably, the last two Eclipses. The October Lunar Eclipse was opposite his Venus. We don’t know Paul’s time of birth, but whatever House his Venus ruled could well have been an indicator of a potential accident. It’s also noteworthy that the Moon at the time of the accident was exactly conjunct the Eclipse Point for the November 3rd Solar Eclipse, and again the House placement likely told a story. That particular Eclipse carried a specific risk of “overdoing it” or “pushing your luck,” as you may recall. Further: the Moon at the time of the accident was exactly on that Eclipse Point at 11 degrees Scorpio. To top it all off, Pre-Natal Eclipses are a factor in predicting death too… and transiting Uranus was exactly square the Solar Eclipse of June 30, 1973.



I admit that I am unfamiliar with Paul Walker’s work… all six of the “Fast And The Furious” movies (for which he was best known) have passed me by. I also admit that the astrological signs of death are obviously a lot easier to spot after the fact — as is the case with most things in life that could have been predicted. Even so: if Paul Walker had been a client and I was provided with a time of birth, I believe I could have (at the very least) warned him about danger near the end of November.

  • Space and Freedom

    My Father passed today. He knew he was terminal and was growing frustrated that he could not “let go”. He was not in pain and he was not alone when he passed BUT his three daughters had been trying to understand this “limbo” he seemed to be in and as an astrologer I have been watching his transiting planets and his progressed chart..just to see “signatures” etc. That is what I am interested in knowing..signs in the chart by transit and or progression. Please feel free to reply to me at

  • Matthew Currie

    Um, sure.

  • Keith Tibble – SunRa

    Paul Walker did not die. He was buried under The NWO and The Illuminati. – Gia

  • Anonymous

    I would love to have my death prediction done. Can you do this for me? I find death fascinating.

  • mcurrie

    Dangit, Mom, I told you to quit commenting on my blog… and no, I DON’T want to grow up to be a lawyer just like you!

  • Anonymous

    unconcinving postmartem wasting time of net

  • HJ

    Paul Walker had Scorpio rising. Moon was in Scorpio in his 12th house, the most dangerous time when your reflexes and immune system is down. Pluto just crossed his 3rd house and the car was almost burnt to ashes. Uranus in 5th upheaval in the life of his daughter. Mars in 11th charities and strife in his hopes and wishes. Paul was not in an accident configuration due to his negligence but his friend was who was the driver. Paul was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time. His friend was also a Scorpio (Moon in Scorpio that fateful day) and was probably trying to show off (100 mph in a 45 mph zone).

  • Anonymous

    The most obvious transits in Paul Walker: Mars in 11th strife during charities and also upset of future hopes. Uranus in 11th upheaval in the life of daughter. Moon in Scorpio in 12th the most dangerous time for him and the Porche was being driven by a Scorpio who was in accident configuration. Paul was not and could have escaped if he had been driving. Pluto in 3rd car burnt and destroyed! Scorpio rising by the way.

  • mcurrie

    Respectfully, Anonymous-with-the-link-to-another-site-in-your-comment… I have to disagree.

    First of all, I think you may be splitting hairs about “fate.”

    Secondly: as far as “Try to find a unifying transit/progression in 400 people dead in a plane crash, or 100,000 dead at Hiroshima or Dresden.” Well, if you can find a database with dates, times, and places of birth for a decent percentage of the victims of those, or of a mass shooting, you’d have a start.

    I actually read a paper on the victims of the Dunblane school shooting that DID in fact show common transits among the victims… although of course, being all 6 year olds, it’s not surprising they’d have some transits in common. I’m having a hard time finding the paper in question, but if I do I’ll be posting it here.

    I’ve read the site you posted the link to before, and I’m a big fan of Free Will — don’t get me wrong. But one’s Free Will has limitations imposed upon it by the Universe that we live in. And we ignore that at our own peril.

    Besides, if Astrology has no predictive value, isn’t it imply yet another possible branch of the already terribly-organized science of Psychology?

    (And by the way, it took some doing to rescue your comment out of the spam filter with that link in it, so you might want to avoid that in future)

  • http://accidents rakesh singhal

    This is true that correct astrology can prevent many such deaths. However western astrology can not detect them.

    It is easy to understand death in an accident, as an earth -hygeia combination, afflicted by sedna and moon, as explained on lifescape astrology website.

    you become more sure if you check the signature on say few hundred charts.

    but i am afraid, that underwriters may misuse this signature to deny insurance cover where they find this signature. but at the same time if we can prevent accidents and deaths, it will be to the credit of astrologers.

    signature is 100 percent sure, and you can be 100 percent confident , in case you do not understand any chart, out of 600 charts in astrodatabank, please mention it in comments.
    even college students can understand lifescape astrology, as it does not require knowledge of western astrology.
    who knows, in the process , you may help some one close to you.

  • Anonymous

    Well written and thought-provoking.

    I do think if Whitney Houston had an astrologer she could still be alive today.

    Sometimes, it’s just one’s time to go (willingly or not).


  • Anonymous

    Actual death, as opposed to dangerous transits, is something that evades astrology entirely…probably because a natal chart is simply about a set of influences that become habits and isn’t about fate at all, see . Try to find a unifying transit/progression in 400 people dead in a plane crash, or 100,000 dead at Hiroshima or Dresden. Astrologers in general are barking up the wrong tree here, and it does their credibility harm…

  • Anonymous

    The dawning of the Age of Aquarius happening now is gradually bringing an increased awareness on the many subjects concerning spirituality. This, in turn, will make ASTROLOGY an efficient tool to program our lives in the best possible way and to be prepared for any challenge that can come at any time. Knowledge is POWER and we look forward to the time when events, like Paul´s death can be avoided because people will be more interested in the spiritual than the material. RIP Paul and see you in the next life.

  • mcurrie

    Actually, Uranus rules “sudden and unpredictable events”… so although we may not (by definition) be able to predict the unpredictable, we can see the potential for unexpected and sudden mishaps, especially if one is the passenger in the car for a street race.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Your Name

    He wasn’t driving

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Lilith

    We can’t predict URANUS

  • mcurrie

    Although of course it’s hard to be objective about these things with oneself, I’ve studied the techniques in Richard Houck’s “The Astrology Of Death”… probably the mot useful book of techniques no one has ever read. :)

    If I’m right, I have a long time to go yet, despite some ridiculously bad habits. :)

  • Cate Reidy

    Thank you, Mathew, for your thought provoking article. Yes, the timing of death is a very, very sensitive issue. And, as you suggest, a lot does depend on whether a client is showing signs of dicing with death – exhibiting impulsive behaviour, or alternately, whether they’re already living within the process of a terminal illness, and hoping for welcome relief in the form of an ending.

    Further to this, I would imagine that as there are many different types of causes of death – natural causes, in childbirth, during surgery, accidents – by road, rail, at sea, during aviation, or by suicides, murder, execution etc, so consequently, finding the signature of each type of death might even benefit from close consideration of the concerns of a relevant astrological house.

    As we know, in the past, Horary astrology addressed this issue, and used the part-of-death to forecast when the actual time of demise occurs.

    Possibly the natal position of this part might be in the house describing the type of death we will experience. I’d be interested to hear whether you’ve ever looked at the part-of-death in your research.

    Best wishes,

    Cate Reidy

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