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Yes, he’s read the reports that a Muslim cleric announced women should not touch cucumbers, carrots or bananas lest they become sexually impure, admits Egyptian newspaper editor Muna Khan in the Cairo daily al-Arabiya. And Khan says he is just […]

Dr. Rowan Williams is planning to resign as Archbishop of Canterbury by the end of next year – eight years early, London’s Daily Mail newspaper reported Monday. Rumors have been circulating that the 61-year-old Archbishop, who could remain in office until he […]

Three weeks after thieves stole the copper coils from the Cathedral of Prayer’s air conditioner, an anonymous donor dropped an $80,000 winning lottery ticket into the offering plate. While cashing in the ticket, Gloria Rodgers, treasurer for the Columbus, Ga., congregation, […]

During Sunday’s worship service, four pastors and the congregation of the African Methodist Episcopal Church of Pimville, Soweto, laid hands on African National Congress Youth League President Julius Malema and Treasurer Pule Mabe. With their hands on the bowed heads of the pair […]

One of the many victims of an addiction to pornography is “hope.” A person addicted to porn may believe there is none. The marriage partner likewise may feel a painful mixture of anger, betrayal and hopelessness. There is in fact […]

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are preparing to send officers to the U.S. to investigate allegations that two young girls were smuggled from Bountiful, British Columbia, to be married to the head of a polygamous sect, according to the Canadian […]

“It’s a stately vessel floating on the Rhine River and somehow it looks vaguely familiar,” reports the German news site Deutsche Welle. “Plumbing one’s memory, it does indeed resemble illustrations from childhood picture books about the Bible.” “That’s just what Dutch […]

  Companies managing the Sinai conduit that transports Egyptian natural gas to Israel have hired several Beduin tribes to protect the pipeline. Lines have been sabotaged three times in July, five times since January. North Sinai Governor Abdel Wahab Mabrouk told  the […]

New York City’s off-beat tabloid the Village Voice is running a series of what it considers to be the top 25 people behind the decline of the late L. Ron Hubbard’s Church of Scientology. “On Friday,” writes Voice staffer Tony Orega, “we started a […]

“Let’s start with the obvious: There were more than a few believers who could accurately be described as ‘fundamentalists’ at the Gov. Rick Parry’s combination prayer rally and pre-White House campaign trial balloon festival,” observes the website. “Let’s start […]