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  We really don’t know a lot about this incredibly talented youngster who lives in a small village in Brazil. He has a voice like an angel — as you will hear by clicking below — name is Jose Antonio […]

Watching highly paced cartoons such as SpongeBob SquarePants hinders pre-schoolers’ abstract thinking, short-term memory and impulse control, according to the University of Virginia. “He may be one of the longest-running, best-loved cartoons in Nickelodeon history,” writes Courtney Hutchison for ABC […]

Kindergarten children in Basel, Switzerland, will be presented this year with fabric models of human genitalia in a “sex box” to teach them that “contacting body parts can be pleasurable.” “The kit for teachers to give sex-education lessons to primary […]

There’s hardly a young person out there without a mobile phone and a British church hopes to tap into their technological dexterity with a new campaign encouraging young people to text about their faith. Textify was recently launched by Hope Revolution, a youth […]

On his way home from school, Sanjeet had stopped by a local deli to grab a bite to eat when some boys came from behind and pulled off his dastaar. New York City Councilman Daniel Dromm, who was a teacher […]

Atheists and skeptics now have as much access to our children as we have, says bestselling author Josh McDowell. “What has changed everything?” asked McDowell as he spoke at the Billy Graham Center in Asheville, N.C., Friday evening. “The Internet […]

The moment the Washington, D.C.-area First Baptist Church of Glenarden opened its doors Friday night, nearly 3,000 teenagers rushed inside for a high-octane worship service, according to the Washington Post. Inside the Upper Marlboro mega-church, a large digital clock was at […]

MOBILE, Alabama (RNS) The Archdiocese of Mobile has told staff and volunteers who work with children that electronic communication with minors must be limited to “providing information related to a ministry or event and not for socialization or other personal […]

NEW ORLEANS (RNS) More than 500 students, parents and other supporters of St. Augustine High School marched Saturday (March 26) on the offices of Archbishop Gregory Aymond to oppose his call for an end to the school’s policy of using […]