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Despite gusting winds that blew off his hat and driving rain that cut short his sermon, Pope Benedict XVI spoke to a crowd that the Associated Press estimated at “more than a million young people” Saturday night. In the middle of the […]

Editor’s Note: Connie Doss is the mother of Clare Doss, one of the 2 million kids expected to attend the final session of World Youth Day in Madrid, Spain. While Connie’s husband, Barry, is helping chaperone the group of teens and […]

Yet again the British Broadcasting Corporation’s news division has turned a joyful occasion into an excuse for mean-spirited criticism. That’s the commentary of an obviously irked Milo Yiannopoulos, writing from the midst of 1.5 million teens and young adults who have converged on […]

  Spain’s young “Swiss guards” welcome the Pope “Do not be ashamed of the Lord, ” proclaimed Pope Benedict XVI to an estimated 1.5 million kids who have packed Madrid, Spain. The teens have filled Madrid’s hotels, hostels, campgrounds and parks […]

“Let Christ live in your heart. Respond to Him with a ‘yes’ that’s full of excitement and generosity of life,” Antonio Maria Rouco Varela told a vast sea of Christian kids Wednesday. “Don’t be afraid of being a saint.” The […]

More than 1 million Catholic kids from across the world are converging on Madrid, Spain, for World Youth Day 2011, and every one of them seems to be tweeting, texting and Facebooking home — including a group from rural Arkansas. Most are using their […]