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Leaders of the British Commonwealth 0f nations Friday unanimously approved new rules that would allow a future British monarch to marry a Catholic. They also dropped the longstanding rule of succession that made it difficult for a Princess to rise […]

Dr. Robert H. Schuller’s famed Crystal Cathedral will be sold to nearby Chapman University if the church’s board has its way. Under the plan, Chapman University would purchase the Cathedral and surrounding buildings for $50 million. However, it would allow the church to continue […]

South Africa’s national Advertising Standards Authority has ordered the removal of a TV commercial depicting angels falling from heaven as offensive to Christians.  The angelic beings are seen tumbling to Earth because they are attracted to a man wearing Axe deodorant. “A […]

Well, it turns out the end of the world has been rescheduled … AGAIN … for Friday. And if that doesn’t work out, we’ve always got next December. In fact, a New York Times bestselling author says he knows exactly who’s to […]

Red and pink streaks have been filling the night sky across America — spotted even in the Deep South. Does it mean that doomsday preacher Harold Camping’s often-predicted end of the world is here? Well, actually, there was an event in […]

Jerzy Bielecki, a Polish resistance fighter who in 1944 helped his Jewish girlfriend escape the Auschwitz death camp, has died at the age of 90. At the camp, as a Catholic, he was able to join the camp’s cadre, volunteers who helped with chores. Taking […]

London’s historic St. Paul’s Cathedral, which survived Hitler’s blitz and the assassination of Thomas à Becket, has been forced to close its doors due to the “Occupy London Stock Exchange” protests.  The dean of the cathedral, the Right Reverend Graeme Knowles, […]

  We really don’t know a lot about this incredibly talented youngster who lives in a small village in Brazil. He has a voice like an angel — as you will hear by clicking below — name is Jose Antonio […]

Libyans are celebrating in the streets over the death of ex-Libyan Leader Muammar Gaddafi. But now that the Libyan revolution is over, how will it affect that nation’s Christian minority? Will democracy and freedom flourish? ‘We declare to the whole […]

Without the other, neither wanted to live, according the children of an elderly couple that died last week. Gordon Yeager, 94, and his wife Norma, 90, were married for 72 years, reports LifeSiteNews. However, their life together ended Wednesday after […]