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Bil Keane, 89, the creator of the world’s most popular single-panel newspaper comic, the Family Circus, died Tuesday. He left behind a half-century of daily visits to the Keane family where he, his wife, now-grown kids and their pets were […]

A young Boston couple’s domestic quarrel in a Burger King restaurant went very public Wednesday after an eavesdropping diner put onto Twitter a blow-by-blow account of their verbal exchange — which was picked up by the British tabloid newspaper, the Daily Mail. “I am listening […]

“For years, we’ve heard the statistic that 80-85 percent of kids walk away from church when they graduate from high school,” writes Dale Hudson. “I’ve always thought that sounded way to high. If you thought it sounded too high as well, […]

In what the Parent’s Television Council called “a sucker-punch to families everywhere” a court ruling which “reaches the level of judicial stupidity,” has ruled that there was nothing indecent about pop singer Janet Jackson’s breast being bared before 90 million people […]

In what would appear to be an astonishing attempt to regulate what citizens do in private, the government of Burma’s Kachin province has issued tough new regulations on fasting and prayer. The chairman of Maw Wan Ward in Phakant Township […]

There’s no cheese, no bread, no sugar served at Berlin’s Sauvage Restaurant. You see, the trendy eatery only caters to cavemen. According to its chalkboard menu, “Real Food Revolution: Peolithic cuisine!” What that means is that it only serves what […]

In the Philippines, newborn Danica May Camacho was greeted with cheers and an explosion of photographers’ flashbulbs at Manila’s Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital. She arrived two minutes before midnight Sunday at 5 pounds, 8 ounces and was declared by the United […]

The sexually transmitted Human Papillomavirus, known to be the leading cause of cervical cancer, has also been linked to increased risk of heart attack according to new research released this week. “Women with cancer-causing strains of HPV may be at […]

Leaders of the British Commonwealth 0f nations Friday unanimously approved new rules that would allow a future British monarch to marry a Catholic. They also dropped the longstanding rule of succession that made it difficult for a Princess to rise […]

Dr. Robert H. Schuller’s famed Crystal Cathedral will be sold to nearby Chapman University if the church’s board has its way. Under the plan, Chapman University would purchase the Cathedral and surrounding buildings for $50 million. However, it would allow the church to continue […]