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Red was the dress code in Nepal Wednesday as Hindu women of all ages, castes and communities thronged the Shiva temples in the country to celebrate the festival of Teej. “Streets became seas of red, the color of good fortune, […]

Defying pouring rain and flooded streets, over two dozen people have gathered faithfully at the Putalisadak Church in the heart of capital city Kathmandu for the regular Thursday evening Bible study class, bringing a smile of satisfaction on the face […]

A 40-year-old Buddhist nun whose melodies have transformed her into one of Nepal’s most popular singing stars, has caused a new stir for which she refuses to apologize. She has extended sanctuary to a nun half her age who became stigmatized […]

The government of Nepal has rejected a $3 billion offer from a Hong Kong foundation to turn Lumbini, the birthplace of the Buddha, into a tourist mecca. According to the Buddhist Channel website: Less than a fortnight after a Chinese […]

Nepal’s Christians are concerned that the Himalayan nation’s new constitution will make fighting for gender equality illegal. Also banned in this small country wedged between China and India would be providing disaster aid, giving free medical care to the poor and campaigning against […]