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GOP presidential front-runner Herman Cain says that if elected, he’ll update the traditional presidential entrance music, “Hail to the Chief.” Why? The former Godfather’s Pizza CEO, who released his own Gospel music album in 1996, said it needs an update. Maybe with a […]

  Speaking on C-SPAN, Southern Baptist leader Dr. Richard Land chided presidential candidate Herman Cain for disregarding the constitutional rights of U.S. Muslims. Dr. Land reminded Cain that as a Christian and an African-American, Cain should have a special interest in […]

From the media watchdog group Accuracy in Media, GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain says what Congressional Republicans are grinding out isn’t very pretty.

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain said Sunday that communities have a right to ban Islamic mosques. Appearing on “Fox News Sunday,” the former Godfather’s Pizza CEO said protests and legal challenges to a planned mosque in Tennessee city are an […]