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“The announcement today that Glenn Beck’s previously announced, weird event at Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, has been moved due to security concerns is weird,” writes author Jim Fletcher. “But welcome.” Fletcher made the comment in his Beliefnet feature: “Is It the End of […]

Former Fox News pundit Glenn Beck proclaimed his solidarity with the Jewish people Monday as he spoke to members of the Israeli Knesset. “Where you go, I shall go. Your people are my people, your God is my God,” Beck told a committee of […]

On Friday, Glenn Beck began his final show on Fox News where he’ll be for the foreseeable future — outside the building, and not on TV. “We’ve done some amazing things together,” Beck, flanked by at least one bodyguard, told viewers as […]

(RNS) A Jewish organization is celebrating Passover two weeks early, proclaiming freedom from Glenn Beck’s television show. Jewish Funds for Justice, a social advocacy nonprofit, has taken credit for the polarizing personality’s pending exit from Fox News. The group waged […]