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Worship service attendance is up in New York City, but down among young adult Jews, according to recent studies. On the other hand, fewer Spanish-speaking teens are attending Catholic mass, but more are showing up at Evangelical churches. A recent […]

So, a crazed gunman opens fire and you’re caught in the middle. How can you survive? Heroes come in all sorts of packages. And they wield all sorts of defensive weapons. Such as guns and Jesus. Sometimes both at the […]

Canadian TV commentator Rex Murphy is tired of Christians turning the other cheek. “There is a radical inconsistency to the treatment afforded to Christian believers and that of most other religious groups,” he writes in the Canadian daily newspaper the […]

What is the Christian missionary responsibility if life is discovered on other planets?  Does the Great Commission call followers of Jesus to evangelize Alpha Centauri? After all, John 3:16 says that God “so loved the world …” — not the worlds. Or moons. In a speech […]

American Evangelical theologian William Lane Craig is ready to debate the rationality of faith during his tour of Great Britain this fall, but it appears that atheist philosophers are running shy of the challenge. This month president of the British […]

EDITOR’S NOTE: In China today, the only churches permitted are those with government-paid pastors who deliver government-approved sermons. Children under 18 are barred. So, the vast majority of Chinese Christians meet illegally in “house churches.” Their membership numbers are rumored to […]

Writing in World magazine, Andrée Seu shares: I recently wrote about a man in a Michigan prison whose parole was contingent on completion of a mandatory program for sex offenders. To recap, Daryl became a believer sometime during his 24 […]