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You’ve probably heard about the married Episcopal priests who converted to the Roman Catholic Church — and now are serving as non-celibate Catholic priests. So, what happens when a female member of the Anglican clergy turns Catholic? What do you […]

Facing a growing shortage of priests, the Roman Catholic Church is turning to former priests who left their callings to get married. While the “dispensed” priests won’t be allowed to take confessions or celebrate mass — they will be asked […]

A group of German protesters plan to yell and make other noise outside the Pope’s bedroom on this weekend when he visits Berlin. Pope Benedict XVI will be flying into the German capital for a four-day visit starting Thursday. Thousands of  Catholic faithful are […]

U.S. Embassy officials in Warsaw, Poland, under the Obama administration complained that Catholic Church doctrine is a major source of “homophobia” in the heavily Catholic country, according to diplomatic cables released by Wikileaks. The messages from the American embassy in Poland’s capital, […]

For hundreds of years, Catholics abstained from meat on Fridays — just as many do for the entire month of Lent. Then came the Second Vatican Council — which put aside centuries of tradition. Among the traditions was meatless Friday. But now the bishops […]

“Should government favor those made rich by the capitalist current system or should it support the interests of a democratic majority?” asks Anthony Stevens-Arroyo in the Washington Post’s On Faith section. His solution — a “Catholic” compromise” The teachings of the […]

When it comes to finding information on vital issues like abortion, same-sex “marriage,” and faith, the mainstream media simply can’t be trusted, the incoming archbishop of Philadelphia told a group of youth in Spain last week. “Being uninformed about the […]

Despite gusting winds that blew off his hat and driving rain that cut short his sermon, Pope Benedict XVI spoke to a crowd that the Associated Press estimated at “more than a million young people” Saturday night. In the middle of the […]

By Anthony Stevens-Arroyo ~ from The Washington Post‘s On Faith There is a “cultural war” within Catholic America as several factions battle over a single question: What is “Catholic identity” and who has it? Bishops rail at universities for not […]

“We are witnesses of a society in which, in many respects, morality has ceased to exist,” Cardinal Raymond Burke, head of the Vatican’s highest court, told the 129th annual Knights of Columbus convention Tuesday. “We are called ever more urgently to the new […]